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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Kenya Moore Caught Lying About Trying To Ruin Cynthia Bailey’s Surprise Proposal!

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Welcome back to another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This week’s episode opens with Porsha Williams meeting her sister Lauren at a cosmetics store. While there she confesses that she and Dennis are now in a much better place, so much so that Dennis is even talking about giving her the engagement ring back. Lauren seems hesitant yet supportive and Porsha agrees that she and Dennis need to take things slow this time around. The two also discuss her much needed girls’ trip to Canada sans PJ before the conversation heads south. Porsha reveals that Kandi Burruss disclosed the details of her and Eva Marcille’s conversation about her at the bridal shop and Porsha is NOT happy about the c-section comment or her offering to forward Porsha the blogs about Dennis. Something tells me this will definitely be a point of contention in Canada…

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Fast forward a few days later and the ladies are all smiles as they meet at the airport. Nene Leakes comes up in conversation as Tanya Sam confesses that she had lunch with Nene Leakes and invited her on the trip but is unsure if she will actually come. Cynthia Bailey asks (in front of everyone) if Marlo gave NeNe her message about unblocking her, before explaining to that NeNe wrote her a beautiful card for her wine cellar opening and that she wanted to thank her. Kenya Moore finally arrives at the airport and the tension between her and Marlo is as thick as the hair on Marlo’s new wigs.

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The ladies touch down in Toronto, only to realize that Marlo Hampton has lost her passport. Or did Kenya Moore steal it? Hmm… my money’s on the latter.

Once the ladies are settled into their rooms, Cynthia, Kandi and Kenya Moore enjoy a glass of wine together. Cue the drama. Cynthia JUST SO HAPPENS to run across a blog (insert eye roll here) with a story about NeNe congratulating Cynthia on her new business. In the blog, the message from NeNe’s card is included. Kenya is quick to point out that must have leaked the story in an effort to convince people that she’s a good person. Kind of like when Kenya LEAKED the news to Cynthia about her proposal.

Cynthia Bailey

The conversation then turns to the triple date from hell and Kenya Moore’s extremely troubled relationship. Kenya confesses to the ladies that Marc Daly no longer makes her happy and admits that their relationship is in a really low place. SHOCKER!

Kenya Moore

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Tanya Sam plans a dance class for the ladies to give them the opportunity to master the art of “wining” before heading out to Carnival but the class doesn’t go exactly as planned. Who knew that queen of hip hop, Kandi, is severely lacking when it comes to the dancing department?  Meanwhile, pregnant Eva is “wining” on a yoga ball like she’s lost all movement in her legs and Kenya is laying in the bed doing a different kind of WHINE over her fake husband, Marc.

Kenya Moore

Later, the ladies meet for a drink on the rooftop of the hotel and Tanya can’t wait to share the news that NeNe HAS ARRIVED but much to her dismay, none of the other ladies seem to share in her excitement, except for Marlo of course.

Nene Leakes

Porsha Hennessee Williams seems to really be enjoying her cocktails and seizes the opportunity to air out her grievances with Eva regarding all of the messy things she had to say about Porsha at the bridal shop.

Porsha Williams

It appears, however, that Eva is suffering from a case of pregnancy amnesia as she denies in front of both Porsha and Kandi that she ever said any of those things. Cue the footage of Eva saying exactly those things NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE. Thanks, Bravo.

Eva Marcille

Since everyone seems to be clearing the air, Cynthia Bailey decides to take the floor and call Kenya Moore out for ruining the surprise at her engagement. Instead of coming clean, however, Kenya doubles down explaining that it was just a feeling she had.

Cynthia Bailey

Kandi’s head looks like it’s about to spin entirely off of her shoulders before calling Kenya out about her so-called “premonition.”

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss goes on to reveal to Cynthia and the rest of the group that she texted Kenya that night telling her to hurry and get there because Mike Hill told her he was going to propose. Kenya is upset by the insinuation that she would intentionally ruin Cynthia’s special moment, exclaiming she “rides hard” for Cynthia. But just as the heat starts to turn up in walks Mrs. Linnethia Leakes herself.

Kenya Moore

Will the ladies receive Nene Leakes with open arms or will all hell break loose on next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Tune in to find out.


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