Kelly Dodd Lashes Out At Family Members After She Was Exposed For Ignoring Her Sick Mother — Kelly’s Family Drags Her!

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Kelly Dodd is lashing out, after the Real Housewives of Orange County star was slammed for ignoring her mother’s unfolding health crisis and subsequent heart surgery.   

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Kelly accused her cousin, Chris Gallardo, of “spreading rumors” about her in a private Facebook group — and claimed to be the real family victim.

“My mom said you were spreading rumors about me!!” Kelly wrote to Wagner. “You have no idea what these people have done to me!!”

Kelly accused Wagner of outing her after she turned a blind eye to her mother’s recent health scare. Bobbi Meza underwent the heart/stent procedure on Monday.

Kelly flipped out after she was exposed ignoring her hospitalized mother,” revealed a family insider. “She lost it on Facebook, and attacked family and friends with vile comments.” 

“The truth is Kelly has not spoken to her mother [Bobbi Meza] in over two years.”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kelly Dodd’s Mother Says ‘RHOC’ Daughter Pushed Her Down A Flight of Stairs! 

Kelly’s extended family pounced on the reality star’s comments, taking her to task for turning her back on her ailing mom.

Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd

A disturbing mother/daughter dynamic made headlines in September 2018, when leaked video exposed Bobbi Meza accusing Kelly of physical and emotional abuse.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kelly Dodd’s Mother Says ‘RHOC’ Daughter Pushed Her Down A Flight of Stairs! exclusively reported in September on Kelly Dodd’s alleged “out of control” cocaine habit. An Orange County snitch claims Kelly Dodd  also struggles with alcohol dependency. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming.


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