Kyndall Douglas Responds to Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s Vulgar Character Assassination Attempt!

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Kyndall Douglas is speaking out after Charrisse Jackson-Jordan attacked her character in an expletive-filled rant, last week. As reported, the RHOP star went on a vulgar tirade after Kyndall exposed a pre-season plot to go after Gizelle Bryant.

“Monique’s explanation is absolutely correct”, Kyndall shared with “Charrisse has been plotting way before season 3 started shooting to get Gizelle back for what she said about her for having a fireman boyfriend. During our private conversations, she [Charrisse Jackson-Jordan] would trash Gizelle and speak very poorly of her.” Kyndall continues.“And just to be clear, Monique has never invited me to anything where Gizelle was in attendance. Her intentions were not malicious.”

EXCLUSIVE: Kyndall Douglas EXPOSES Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s Shady Plot!

Sherman Douglas’ ex wife addressed Charrisse’s rebuttal on Instagram in a response to a fan.

“She [Charrisse Jackson-Jordan] is desperate and desperate people say and do desperate things.” Kyndall wrote.

According to Charrisse, Kyndall “never introduced” her “to anyone.” Charrisse also labeled Kyndall an “opportunist.” 

However, Kyndall is a Potomac native, unlike Charrisse who is from New Jersey, and when Eddie Jordan’s ex moved to the DMV area, “she knew no one,” Kyndall explained.

“Let me just say this. Charrisse is from NJ. I am from this area born and raised. I met her in NJ. Our husbands were on the same team. When she moved here she knew no one. I already lived in Potomac.”

And following Charrisse’s relocation to Potomac, Kyndall was the one making introductions for her former friend, not the other way around.

“I can name at least two people that she is friends with to this day that I introduced her to but desperation, fear and anger have her selective amnesia.” Kyndall shared.

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As the ex wife of former NBA star Sherman Douglas (Gizellle Bryant’s ex boyfriend) on Season 3 — Kyndall’s strategic cast addition infused some much needed drama into the Bravo reality series.

After ending her 11 year-old marriage to Sherman — Kyndall landed on her feet really well and moved on to her new man, Eugene

Part one of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs Sunday, at 8:00 p.m. EST, on Bravo.


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