#RHOP Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Claps Back HARD At Kyndall Douglas: ‘Bitch Is Delusional!’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Charrisse Jackson-Jordan - RHOP

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Claps Back!


Real Housewives of Potomac star, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is clapping back, after ex-wife to Sherman Douglas, Kyndall Douglas, exposed Charrisse’s shady plot to take down Gizelle Bryant!

Kyndall Douglas and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan - RHOPKyndall Douglas

Kyndall previously spoke with AllAboutTheTea.com, to clarify the finger-pointing surrounding who brought Sherman’s ex into the RHOP mix. As seen in the clip below, Monique Samuels spilled the tea that, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan wanted to bring Kyndall around to get under Gizelle’s skin.

ex-wife backs up Monique’s claims and went into detail about Charrisse’s shady scheme to exact revenge on Gizelle before season 3 filmed.

“Monique’s explanation is absolutely correct”, Kyndall shared with AllAboutTheTea.com. “Charrisse has been plotting way before season 3 started shooting to get Gizelle back for what she said about her for having a fireman boyfriend.”

“During our private conversations, she [Charrisse Jackson-Jordan] would trash Gizelle and speak very poorly of her.” Kyndall continues.“And just to be clear, Monique has never invited me to anything where Gizelle was in attendance. Her intentions were not malicious.”


Charrisse reached out to AllAboutTheTea.com on Saturday to respond to Kyndall’s claims and her clap back at her former friend was hard! 

“That bitch is delusional!” Charrisse tells AllAboutTheTea.com in response to Kyndall’s assertions about the RHOP star. “I guess if you keep repeating the same lies you’ll start to believe them. Poor thing. The thirst is worst than I thought.”

Charrisse continues: “She wanted badly to be on the show. I tried for 2 seasons and they didn’t like her. She has never been offered a contract to be a housewife. She says we plotted?? There was no plot. I was going to try to give her an opportunity to confront Gizelle. That’s no secret. I admitted that. However, when I became a friend of the show I no longer pushed the issue.”

However, Kyndall dished to AllAboutTheTea.com that she’s previously had, “options as a main cast member were brought to me and I was hesitant to pursue because the timing didn’t feel right. I had other immediate priorities.”


and Charrisse’s friendship fell apart once Kyndall started filming season 3 of the Bravo reality series, unbeknownst to Charrisse.

“Monique went to production to bring Kendall [sic Kyndall] on to get at Gizelle. Kendall didn’t tell me that she was going to be filming.” Charrisse adds, “Monique orchestrated that. I had absolutely nothing to do with Kendall being filmed.”

Charrisse did not like the way Kyndall came on the show and refused to film with her.

“When I found out. I called her and she said she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Monique didn’t tell me either. Now both are saying I was a part of it. Lies! In fact, I didn’t want to film with her because I felt the way they went about it was wrong.”

During an RHOP episode, Kyndall exposed that Gizelle’s ex-man, Sherman Douglas, allegedly had sex in the park after dark with a prostitute. Charrisse admonished Kyndall for spilling the “park after dark” incident on camera.

“She put it out about Sherman in the Park. I told her she should be concerned about her kids and not come on being a Bitter Betty being that Monique already was putting the Sherman story out there. She stayed with him and had another child after that. Sherman divorced her years later. My thing was confront Gizelle with whatever issues she had.”

“I hope she feels good about putting out a story on the father of her children and not being concerned about the impact that it would have on them among their peers for 5 seconds of fame.”

According to Kyndall, she and Charrisse have been “friends” for over 18 years, however, Charrisse defines their relationship differently. 

“She and I were never close friends. I have invited her over the years to events. That doesn’t equate as besties. She has never introduced me to anyone!!! She is an opportunist. She desperately wanted to be on the show. She got a minute and now it’s over.”

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