Kyndall Douglas EXPOSES Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s Shady Plot! (#RHOP EXCLUSIVE)

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Kyndall Douglas EXPOSES Charisse Jackson-Jordan!


After a season full of drama, secrets, and broken relationships — The Real Housewives of Potomac’s best season is wrapping up this Sunday.

One of the major Season 3 storylines revolves around Gizelle Bryant’s breakup with Sherman Douglas. Bryant and Sherman’s split sparked Kyndall Douglas’ entrance into the group — and the ex-wife factor created lots of cast drama.

Kyndall Douglas is setting the record straight in an exclusive interview with

“I really don’t think about Gizelle at all”, Kyndall exclusively told “She isn’t even on my radar. But when presented with situations that involve her, I see self-serving and a true lack of fashion sense.”

The Potomac beauty was married to Sherman for 11 years. The couple, who share two children together, divorced in 2012.

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Gizelle referred to Kyndall as Sherman’s “Horse Face,” ex-wife, during a recent episode of RHOP.

“She is extremely insecure and clearly threatened by my mere presence!” The mom of two tells us regarding Gizelle’s diss. She contines: “Why else would she make such a ludicrous comment unprovoked? I was also surprised by the fact that she proved that she wasn’t as dumb as I thought she was because clearly she recognizes a triple-crown winner when she sees one.”

There has also been finger-pointing surrounding who introduced Kyndall to the friend circle. Monique Samuels insists that Charisse Jackson-Jordan wanted to bring Kyndall around to get under Gizelle’s skin. 

“During our private conversations… she would trash Gizelle and speak very poorly of her.” Kyndall continues. “And just to be clear, Monique has never invited me to anything where Gizelle was in attendance. Her intentions were not malicious.”


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 explains her choice to join RHOP, and addresses rumors that she’s “thirsty” for fame.

“I decided to join the cast this season because plain and simple I was asked to.”

Kyndall continued: “Previously, options as a main cast member were brought to me and I was hesitant to pursue because the timing didn’t feel right. I had other immediate priorities. I was settling in from my divorce and as we all see from the other cast members that can be a traumatic time in a woman’s life. Let’s look at Charisse for instance. Her divorce has caused a personality shift that is unfathomable… Robin is beyond confused and looking to a girlfriend to make decisions for her and define who she is… Gizelle went from one extreme to the next. She went from First lady of the church to having sex with her boyfriend out in the open at a wine vineyard. It is important to spend time healing and rebuilding your life after divorce. You need to make sure you have your wits about you.”

Kyndall Douglas
and Charisse have been friends for many years but when confronted by Gizelle — Charisse blamed Monique for bringing Kyndall around.

“She (Charisse) and I have been friends for over 18 years and I thought we were closer than what has been shown recently.”

“I was shocked by her response to me coming to events that she had so easily involved me in before. Her issue with Monique becoming friend’s with me is not only juvenile but it is also bizarre. We have introduced each other to people over the years that she and I have established relationships with outside of each other and it has never been an issue. So I am not sure why this is a big deal now. I suspect that her issue lies in the fact that I wouldn’t allow her to manipulate me and use me as her own personal weapon. It is very unfortunate but it is times like this that show you who people really are and you don’t have to show me twice. When someone shows me who they REALLY are…I believe them.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 finale airs August 5, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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