#RHOP EXCLUSIVE: Monique Samuels Spills Tea On Explosive Feud With Charrisse Jackson Jordon!

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Monique Samuels Exposes Feud! 

Following Charisse Jackson-Jordan’s statements accusing Monique Samuels of social-climbing via Charisse’s Potomac rolodex, Monique is setting the record straight in an exclusive interview with AllAboutTheTea.com.

“We don’t talk!” the Real Housewives of Potomac star reveals to AllAboutTheTea.com, after the two ladies had an emotional sit-down, in which Charisse labeled Monique “calculated and disingenuous.”

Charisse, 52, gossiped with Robyn Dixon about her fractured friendship with Monique, in a recent episode. The shady convo behind Monique’s back, stunned the 34-year-old.

“I was totally shocked because we actually had a sit-down and not once did she say that to me.”

Monique continues: “I’m always riding for her. I’ve never said a bad thing about Charisse, so it was very shocking for me to hear her say those things, especially knowing that she always felt that way towards, Robyn and Gizelle. She would say those things to me [about Robyn and Gizelle]. I guess that’s just her go-to reason if she wants to have a problem with you.”

The entrepreneur explains that her list of contacts in the Potomac area, runs just as deep as the former coach’s wife. 

“She’s not my only Potomac friend. I actually have a friend whose a dentist, who’s been living in Potomac the entire time, I’ve known her for the past 10 years. And Chris and I have a great relationship with the Snyders, who have lived in Potomac for a very long time. There’s a lot of our friends that live here and it wasn’t just her that we relied on.”

“With my husband being a former Redskins player, we have a lot of our own connections — but I don’t have relationships with people just to see what I can get from them.”

“We [Charisse and Monique] actually know a lot of people within different circles, which we discovered as our friendship grew. I’ve been around this area for the past 13 – 14 years — and during that time period, I’ve established relationships of my own.”

Despite being warned by many RHOP fans and others about Charisse’s questionable character — Monique genuinely opened her heart to her former pal.

“So many people (even on social media), warned me.”

“When you have a relationship with someone  — you develop your own perception of that person —  and it’s hard for me to come to terms with what it is and label it.”

Monique continues: “Especially with us both being involved in the athletic world — it is common for coaches wives, NFL wives, and basketball wives to create bonds because we travel so much. A lot of times, you’re moving from one place to another — so it’s wife code. When a new wife comes to town, and they’re trying to adjust  —  you open your doors to them. It’s common for you to meet new people, who are new to a certain area.”

The mom of two (with another on the way) elaborates on the depth of betrayal between the ladies.

“I’ve opened up my home to her, my family, we had family come in town. I think my family was more shocked than I was. She’s around my kids, her kids come around, her daughter has babysat for me and watched my kids. There are times where her kids wanted to come over here even when she wasn’t. So, you know, we always have you know company in town and I mean, my family literally looked at her as another addition to the family. So, it was… it was very hurtful. So, it’s kind of hard to just kind of go back now that my eyes have been opened.”

“I’m not a person that holds grudges, but I believe when you show me who you are — I’m going to believe it! The relationship we had was so deep — we had a sisterhood — we had this bond, and when things like that happen, it hurts.”

Monique Samuels - RHOP

No reality TV feud would be complete without individuals hitching their wagons to enemy’s side.

“Nobody had her [Charisse] back the way I had her back — even in the circle of women on the show. Now they’re Team Charisse, because she doesn’t like Monique.”

Aside from reality TV, Monique Samuels keeps busy running numerous businesses. Her latest venture is called, Not For Lazy Moms. A lifestyle website that offers a community of resources on parenting, relationships, career, and self-care tips. Make sure you visit their site linked above.


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