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#SouthernCharm Enemies Patricia Altschul & Kathryn Dennis Join Forces Amid Cyberstalking Scandal! (Exclusive)

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Thursday night’s episode of Southern Charm reminded viewers just how cast matriarch, Patricia Altschul, felt about Kathryn Dennis while filming Season 5.

Fans watched Patricia shut Kathryn out of Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower — not entertaining a word in the former addict’s defense. Patricia blew the whistle on Kathryn’s “drug fueled rages” during Season 3 — and Thursday night’s episode painted an unchanged picture of their relationship. Pat’s son, Whitney, reiterated more than once that Kathryn was not allowed admittance into his mother’s airspace.

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That reality has seemingly changed.

It took a botched attempt at matchmaking and a few strange twists and turns, but all signs point to a tangled reconciliation between Patricia and Kathryn. Several months ago, Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, stole the leading man’s heart — knocking out another romance set into motion by Patricia. Patricia’s pick, Luzanne Otte, has since taken over Patricia’s fan page — and has made it her mission to harass the beauty who remains Thomas’ one and only. Patricia has inadvertently landed on Team Kathryn — whether she likes it or not.

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Evidence of the shift has been cropping up on social media — the casual shift  making it hard for some to believe that the friendship was ever in the swamp.   

An inside source tells AllAboutTheTea.com that a possible filmed reconciliation between Patricia and Kathryn is already being discussed, for Season 6.

Patricia’s social media presence has been clouded by claims of stalking, harassing and trolling — which has caused the friendship she shares with Thomas to splinter. Allegiances have flip-flopped — and a scorned lover sits in the middle of the behind-the-scenes turmoil.

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Do you believe that Patricia and Kathryn have mended fences — or has Patricia’s own complacency shoved her into a corner?

Watch Southern Charm, Thursday nights on Bravo.


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