EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Continues to Terrorize #SouthernCharm Star & Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs On Social Media!

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Southern Charm kicked off Season 5 with a bang — and scorned Thomas Ravenel castoff, Luzanne Otte, has kicked her agenda into high gear — her goal to take down breakout Charmer, Ashley Jacobs.

Thomas and Ashley have been attached at the hip — and Otte’s malicious online harassment is only gaining steam. 

Otte was passed over by Thomas, so she took the booby prize — controlling Patricia Altschul’s Instagram fan page. 

As reported, Otte befriended Southern Charm matriarch, Patricia Altschul, and briefly dated Ravenel, several months ago. Altschul granted Otte access and administrative control of her Instagram fan account — which Otte has utilized to allegedly badger the woman who stole Ravenel’s heart.

On Monday, Otte continued her malicious attacks on Thomas and Ashley by publishing the following posts on Patricia Altschul’s fan page Instagram Stories.

As fans know, Jacobs claims that Otte is behind numerous mystery accounts, responsible for stalking and harassing her online. 

Otte’s green-eyed social media campaign is in full-swing, and Patricia’s silence is deafening. In Otte’s twisted world, Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis, has been declared the winner — of a game she’s already lost.

Luzanne Otte’s jealous online rampage continues — but will fans buy her contrived plot to bury Ashley Jacobs?


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