Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Poisons #SouthernCharm Cast Against His New Girlfriend With Horrific Lies! (Exclusive)

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Thomas Ravenel’s one-and-only, Ashley Jacobs, is poised to become the next breakout star of Charleston based hit, Southern Charm — but fans will soon learn that the 33-year-old hospice nurse’s rep has taken a dirty hit.

A brief relationship between Thomas and a woman named, Luzanne Otte, has dragged the upcoming season of Southern Charm into a swamp of lies and deception, can exclusively report.

Luzanne Otte & NeNe Leakes (Women’s History Museum brunch 2016)

Otte is 37 years-old, and according to her bio she’s a Harvard grad — in addition, she claims to have been a nurse and have connections to the FBI. Thomas was introduced to Otte by Southern Charm matriarch, Patricia Altschul. Patricia met Otte through her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, who first encountered Otte during a chance meeting in Los Angeles. Otte presented herself as a Southern Charm “superfan,” and initially set her sights on Whitney, allegedly. Otte and Patricia swiftly developed a close friendship. Otte volunteered to run Patricia’s official fan page, and Patricia accepted. She continues to do so today.

Patricia Altschul

Thomas and Otte dated spottily over a period of two months.

Thomas met Luzanne at Pat’s house, last April. They had drinks there with Pat and Georgette Mosbacher, then the pair went to dinner at Halls Chophouse,” a source tells “Luzanne was leaving for L.A. the next day. Thomas later called her to set up a date, during his next trip to L.A.. They had dinner at the Polo Lounge, and Thomas spent the night alone at The Beverly Hills Hotel.”

“In the interim, Thomas met Ashley [Jacobs] at Casa Blanca on Cinco De Mayo, and the two began to casually date,” a source tells “Luzanne apparently saw evidence of this on social media. Word got back to Pat, who told Thomas that Luzanne wouldn’t hang in there if he was dating someone else.”

The ROCK solid source went on to explain that Thomas told Otte that he would end it with Ashley, and invited her to meet him in Santa Barbara, in mid June. After a group dinner with Whitney and friends, Thomas and Otte spent the next few days at The Biltmore Four Seasons, in Santa Barbara. 

Thomas casually encouraged Luzanne to visit him in Charleston, but soon regretted his decision,” adds the snitch. “She came in early July, and after a few days, Thomas told her that he needed space, and encouraged her to return home, despite her desire to extend her stay. Thomas later found out that she retreated to Patricia’s house, before finally returning to California. This was the last interaction between them.”

Thomas and Ashley’s romance took off soon after, and the west coast nurse relocated to the Charleston area in August. What fans don’t know, is that in the meantime, Otte had allegedly launched an effort to tarnish Ashley’s reputation — just in time for filming season five of Southern Charm.

Cast members began to chatter about Thomas’ new girlfriend — and the dish was not positive.

A ROCK solid source tells that Thomas was continuously slammed with texts, phone calls, and emails — both from Otte’s personal account, and numerous troll accounts.

She [Luzanne] has created and circulated fake text messages, painting Ashley as a loose woman, who routinely flirts with men.” The sources dished to “Fake texts bashing Thomas —complete with Ashley’s profile pic — were sent to Thomas and Patricia.”

Otte has seemingly succeeded in creating a false narrative set to play out on the Bravo stage in Season 5. 

Luzanne created an elaborate lie that claimed that Ashley sold a story to an online gossip site — which included personal pics from Thomas’ photo library.”

Relentless on coercing Thomas into loving her and destroying a woman’s reputation — the source claims the scorned ex went as far as impersonating a hotel manager.

She impersonated Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel manager, Karen Earp, via a fake Instagram account — informing Thomas that Ashley was an escort on their “watch list.” Thomas contacted the hotel manager, who confirmed that she did not send any such message, nor did any other Biltmore employee.”

According to our ROCK solid source, the jealous ex has made it her mission to poison Southern Charm cast members against the woman who ultimately won Thomas’ heart.

“This woman [Luzanne] has many in the cast convinced that Ashley is a fame whore, gold digger, and a paid escort. Her career as a hospice nurse has also been called into question.” did some digging and confirmed Ashley Jacobs’ nursing credentials are legit. obtained the following email excerpts, sent to Thomas from Luzanne after their split. 

Otte’s purported shady rumor game was discovered to be the catalyst for Thomas and Ashley’s brief split, in late June. can confirm that Ashley will be hammered by the rumors during Season 5 of Southern Charm.

Fast forward to Friday — where Otte was captured taunting Ashley, shooting shade from Patricia’s Instagram fan account. Below are screenshots of the since deleted posts. reached out to Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs for comment — the couple confirmed that the FBI has been contacted but declined to comment further. 

Southern Charm is expected to premiere this spring — but the tea isn’t looking so sweet. Stay tuned as we follow the developing story.


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