#SouthernCharm Twitter Erupts Amid Thomas Ravenel and Patricia Altschul’s Major Friendship Fallout!

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Southern Charm star, Thomas Ravenel, has been hit with preseason drama — but fans of the Bravo hit have got the reality vet’s back.

EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel “Saddened” Over Patricia Altschul’s Malicious Betrayal! 

girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, has been slammed by rep-wrecking rumors — and has been enduring waves of venomous cyberbullying. Multiple accounts have been harassing Ashley — and the trail leads back to one unhinged ex, furious to have been left in Ashley’s dust. Luzanne Otte has taken over the fan account of Patricia Altschul, and has been spreading lies, in a targeted effort to turn the cast against the California hospice nurse. 

EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel’s Ex Poisons #SouthernCharm Cast Against His New Girlfriend With Horrific Lies! 

The couple’s plight has seemingly hit a chord — and lots of viewers have been sounding off about the online chatter. The social media tide has flooded Thomas’ way — and fans have been chiming in to lend their support.

@pataltschul and @wsudlersmith were never your true friends. They hate you because of jealousy. Your girlfriend is beautiful so of course they will be bitter…..keep your head up handsome!”

@pataltschul Hopefully this is your rep account? You need to fire whoever is running your page. Or read what we have to say about you and your in the closet, douchebag son @wsudlersmith

“Are you serious? You don’t know anything about @msashjacobs She’s a sweet girl and she doesn’t deserve to have that sea hag harassing her. She’s like 80 years old. She is a drunk who never moves. She plops her old washed up ass on any flat surface and starts boozing. Her opinion is always enhanced by her martini ? #drunk

“Don’t let them trigger you. Stay kind and humble. You are loved and respected.”

“That’s some serious stuff right there. I’ll keep you in my prayers, T.Rav”

Season 5 of Southern Charm promises to be a doozy — but it’s clear that  Thomas won’t walk through the production minefield without sympathetic fans in his corner.

Southern Charm will premiere this spring.



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