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Jenelle Evans FAILS To Address Drug Use While Pregnant In Legal Response To Kaiser’s Grandmother!

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Jenelle Evans is no stranger to custody battles but her recent legal showdown over her son, Kaiser, might shatter her perceived fairy tale.  

As reported, the troubled Teen Mom 2 starlet is being accused of being an unfit mother by Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, in an emergency filing for full custody of her grandchild, Kaiser Griffith, 3. 

Kaiser’s grandmother claims, among other shocking allegations, that Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, tested positive for marijuana at birth.

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was investigated by the Department of Social Services for drugging while pregnant, after her daughter, Ensley Eason, was reportedly born with drugs in her system, in January. 

Jenelle has finally responded to the unfit mother claims — and insists that she should keep full custody of Kaiser.

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In court documents, Jenelle accuses Davidson of abusing Kaiser and is furthermore requesting the grandmother be removed as the court appointed liaison when the three-year-old has visitation with his dad. In the filing, the mother-of-three claims that Kaiser has returned from Doris’ supervision with bruises on his body.

“The minor child has returned from his visitation with Defendant with severe bruising on his buttocks. Plaintiff attempted to address this concern with Defendant and Doris Davidson and both the Defendant and Doris Davidson became hostile, threatening, and rude toward Plaintiff and would not maintain a respectful or business-life tone with Plaintiff.”

The documents continue, “On Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017, Plaintiff texted the Intervenor making accusations that the minor child had marks on his butt and claiming Defendant had hit him. The proposed Intervenor explained that this was not possible because she was present at all times, and she took photographs of the minor child before and after he left, due to Plaintiff’s previous accusations.”

Although Jenelle insisted the, “the truth will come out,” after Davidson’s emergency filing — Jenelle’s legal response fails to address the scathing accusations pertaining to her drug use while pregnant and her daughter being born with drugs in her system.

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Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, barred her from seeing her oldest son, Jace — after Davidson’s drug accusations. Barbara remains in a contentious relationship with her daughter, and is claiming that Jenelle also smoked marijuana while she was pregnant with her eight-year-old son, JaceShe explained, “That’s the reason we were going to court. I can’t send him over there when that’s happened.”

Jenelle and Doris are scheduled to appear in court on October 2 — after Jenelle’s September 23 wedding to fiance, David Eason. Unfortunately for the bride and groom their honeymoon will have to be put on hold.

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, at 9:00 p.m. ET on MTV. 


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