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Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Blows The Lid Off Kaiser’s Abuse Scandal ‘He Looks Like Nathan So David Gets Angry!’

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Jenelle Evans is no stranger to legal battles — but has she met her match with the grandmothers of her two boys?

The Teen Mom 2 starlet is being accused of being an unfit mother by Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, but it was her own mother, Barbara Evans, who dared say what many fans have been thinking for years.

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recently filed an emergency custody request, alleging in court docs that Jenelle does not adequately care for her three-year-old grandchild, Kaiser Griffith.

Barbara Evans remains in a contentious relationship with her daughter, and is claiming that Jenelle smoked marijuana while she was pregnant with her eight-year-old son, Jace

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was investigated by the Department of Social Services for drugging while pregnant, after her daughter, Ensley Eason, was reportedly born with drugs in her system, in January. 

Barbara remains fiercely committed to Jace’s well-being — but it was her comment about Kaiser that hit the nail on the head.

“I’ve been worried about Kaiser for a long time. We think it’s because he looks like Nathan, therefore David gets more angry with him because of that fact,” Barbara recently told Radar Online.

Barbara Evans crying during an argument with Jenelle &David

Kaiser is a dead ringer for his daddy — and the likeness appears to be rocking Jenelle’s fiance, David Eason.

Kaiser and his biological dad, Nathan Griffith

Footage from a June 2016 episode reveals David losing his temper with the toddler — comparing him to Jenelle’s ex.

“Son, I wish you would quit screaming,” David said to Kaiser.

“He just won’t never stop screaming, unless you give him exactly what he wants, all the time,” David then remarked to a friend. “He takes after his daddy — he’s a little screaming b*tch.”

Fans have chattered about the striking father/son resemblance since the day Kaiser was born — but has the genetic spin landed Kaiser in a more vulnerable spot? Davidson alleged that Jenelle does not provide proper medical care for the child. She also claimed to have witnessed her grandson and Jace in danger, seemingly neglected by the reality mom.

Kaiser and his dad Nathan Griffith

Do you believe that Barbara’s theory is a reach — or is she spot-on? Kaiser’s look is certainly a cute one — but could the resemblance to his father be a mixed blessing?   

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