#90DayFiance Mohamed Jbali’s Side Chick Blasts Danielle Mullins In Shocking Interview

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90 Day Fiance personality, Danielle Mullins, is awaiting her day in court — hoping to undo a love gone wrong by seeking an annulment from green card lover, Mohamed Jbali. One of the women Danielle blames for the marital  split, is now speaking out.

Luisa Berry was featured on spinoff series, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, as Mohamed’s partner in crime, during his dramatic breakup from Danielle. Berry sets the record straight in a new interview — alleging that Danielle put her “best friend” thorough a living hell.

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Berry explains the timing and her history with Mohamed, before and after  the TLC cameras began rolling.

Mohamed and I met on Facebook while they were married,” Berry tells Radar Online. “I helped him move to Miami. He was and is my best friend.”

Luisa Berry

Berry denies that there was any extramarital canoodling going on between her and Mohamed.

“People think because he’s an attractive guy and I’m an attractive girl we’re automatically banging,” Berry clarifies. “I don’t need people to believe me, but I was trying to get him out of that horrible situation.”

Danielle is seeking an annulment based on fraud and infidelity — but Berry slams the marital blame squarely on Danelle.

“If he posted photos of friends in Florida she would go nuts,” Berry continued. “Danielle just wants to be full of hate and bitterness and drag everyone down. She is very manipulative.”

Reportedly, Mohamed filed numerous reports against Danielle — claiming theft, identity fraud, and a scattering of other domestic complaints.

“Ever since I have known Mohamed, which is several years, she has been nothing but hell for him,” Berry said. “He would have me on the phone while she was raging and throwing things. He had to call the police there because of the way she treats him.”

The drama continues — as the March 22nd court date draws closer. A granted  annulment could mean that Mohamed’s days in America are numbered.

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