’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Tell All: Mohamed Says Danielle Smelled & Peed On Him So He Refused Her Sex

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? wraps it’s regular season tonight, with one last episode, and the first part of a tag-on Tell All special. How will we wave goodbye to our chaotic lovebirds, Danielle and Mohamed?

We rejoin Danielle in Miami, as she embarks on a rampage to track down Mohamed. Danielle is peeved because Mohamed won’t even put her in the friend zone, so she is on the warpath. A dim lightbulb finally goes off, and Danielle finally admits that Mohamed used her for a green card. Danielle is armed with an evidence binder — ready to nail her Tunisian lover to the wall. Danielle drives to Mohamed’s place, rubbing her hands together, anticipating the showdown. Mohamed is ready for her, but will not allow her in his home. Mohamed meets his wife on a sidewalk, where she launches into her prepared monologue entitled, “I Loved A Dirtbag User.” Mohamed laughs, and tells her to shoo, which invites a whirling load of paperwork to land at his feet. Mohamed is excited to have a reason to wear out the Miami police, and calls to report Danielle for abuse by paper.

Mohamed believes that he needs a big strong policeman for protection, but is embarrassed when the police car lights up the spectacle. Danielle begins her trademark sobbing, as Mohamed explains his abused plight to the cops. He claims that Danielle clocked him with her binder of truth, while Danielle finally admits that she has been “set up” as a stooge by her husband. Mohamed is embarrassed by his wife, and admits on camera that he plans to build a case based on silly police reports. Danielle promises us that Mohamed will be sorry or deported, whichever comes first. Mohamed runs scared from the immigration bogeyman, as the episode fades.

'90 Day Fiance' Danielle Mullins Explodes at Husband Mohamed Jbali in Finale: 'I Will Get Your Fucking Ass Deported!'

The drama picks up during a 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All special, where TLC checks in with the couples from last season, including Danielle and Mohamed. Host, Shaun Robinson, bellows an introduction, and meanders her way over to the real reason anyone would watch this who-cares special.

Mohamed gazes at the wall, and Danielle giddily smirks at her hubby, before they begin to spill the dirt behind their separation. Mohamed announces that he is present to defend his honor — and Danielle gives him a lopsided wink in response. Mohamed admits that he didn’t really know Danielle or her scary doll collection before they got married. Mohamed avoids eye contact, as he  notes that he was expecting a much better deal for his Tunisian exit  than he received. He tried to clean up Danielle’s mess, but there wasn’t enough cash in Ohio to make their hearts beat as one. Danielle reveals that Mohamed was a smooching working man in Tunisia, but a frigid bum in America.

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Tell All: Mohamed Says Danielle Peed On Him

Danielle explains that every time she told him to get out, he would call the cops. Danielle also busts Mohamed for being in-the-know about her broke status, proving it when he sent cash, so her child wouldn’t have to walk barefoot in the snow to school. Other cast members butt into the dialogue, and Shaun amps the horror by asking for a show of hands to vote on Mohamed’s level of disdain for his wife. The cast is allowed to obnoxiously sound off about the couple throughout the sit-down, like pillars of international wisdom.

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Tell All: Mohamed Says Danielle Peed On Him

Mohamed and Danielle steal a sole spotlight with Shaun, as the rest of the boring cast is banished off stage. TLC flashes us back through their story, and Shaun puts Danielle on the spot, when she asks why someone as hot and smarmy as Mohamed would be interested in her? Danielle understands the question, but reminds us that her insides are pretty desirable. Mohamed denies using Danielle for a green card, and claims that he left his wife because Danielle was simply the worst. Danielle admits to tangling with the law a few times, then drops the bomb that she has re-filed for an annulment. The jealous backstage cast reactions are revealed, and cheers break out. Mohamed alleges that he never canoodled with Luisa or the beach babes.

The interview takes a strange turn, when Shaun addresses the couple’s sex life — a problematic mix of tantrums and unmentionable yuck. Danielle supposedly smelled and urinated on Mohamed — causing him to refrain from a sexual relationship with his wife. Shaun addresses gay rumors, and Mohamed assures her that Danielle being female wasn’t the issue. Danielle feels used and tossed away, and wants Mohamed gone. She turns on the waterworks, and Mohamed sneers at her tears. Mohamed labels his wife a fake victim, and dramatically states that he could talk forever about the horror whose first name is Danielle.

The cast gangs up on Mohamed next week, when the Tell All continues. Don’t miss the verbal smackdown!


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