’90 Day Fiance’ Inside Danielle & Mohamed’s 911 Calls — Death Threats Revealed!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After viewers recently heard about  Mohamed Jbali’s numerous police reports, collected during his months of living with his TLC-famous wife, Danielle Mullins. Reports have surfaced, detailing the circumstances behind Mohamed’s numerous complaints to the cops.

In January 2015, Mohamed reported that Danielle’s two brothers and son had been threatening him, after he got into a beef with Danielle’s daughter, Kylee. Kylee and Mohamed had bickered over bringing animals into their no-pets-allowed apartment. 

“Kylee told Mohamed she heard her brother, Cory Mullins, and uncle, Jamie Mullins, saying they wanted to kill Mohamed,” the report states. “Mohamed stated he has also been receiving unwanted Facebook messages from Danielle’s other brother, Jeremiah Mullins.”

Strangely, Mohamed also told police that he felt safe in his home.

An April 2015 report followed another squabble between Mohamed and Kylee — after Kylee touched a laptop that Mohamed claimed as his own. Kylee threatened to “harm herself,” Mohamed said in the police report. Mohamed said that he was concerned that Kylee might be suicidal.

“You probably would not care if I was dead,” were the words Kylee said to Mohamed, according to the report. She denied ever wanting to harm herself. 

Kylee stated that Mohamed had misunderstood, and that she was just upset that the comp, which belonged to both Mohamed and her mother, was off limits.

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Danielle’s other daughter, Faith, backed her sister, and cosigned the explanation — pointing to Mohamed’s tendency to exaggerate words.

“Faith told me there has been tension in the household and Danielle is in the process of trying to divorce Mohamed,” the report reads. “Danielle told me that the entire problem in the household revolved around Mohamed being in control and using Danielle’s money which causes tension.”

Mohamed also accused Danielle of creating a DirectTV account in his name, and also complained that family members had destroyed articles of clothing. 

It’s no wonder that one of Danielle’s daughters stated on camera that if Mohamed returns, the two sisters were planning an exit from the family home. 

Danielle and Mohamed remain separated, but are still legally married. Mohamed is in America on a temporary green card, and resides in the Tampa Bay area.


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