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#90DayFiance Stars Danielle & Mohamed Heading To Court Over Cheating Claims

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90 Day Fiance alum Danielle Mullins, is heading to court to get the annulment party started with husband and TLC partner-in-crime, Mohamed Jbali.

The couple is set to face off in March, with Danielle seeking an annulment based on accusations of fraud and infidelity. Mohamed posted a message from his wife on social media, revealing that her case was on the Erie County, Ohio docket, and scheduled for March 22, 2017.

TLC cameras followed Mohamed and Danielle into a second season, where viewers watched Mohamed casually canoodle with other women. Fans also witnessed Mohamed seek a divorce from Danielle, a legal split allowing him a stronger leg up in his effort to stay in the United States. An annulment raises the stakes for the Uber driver—who could eventually face deportation back to his home country of Tunisia. 

Mohamed pointed to an exit plan on Facebook, on February 4th.

“Dear my haters, go make popcorn or buy some, turn on your TV and start watching more reality TV shows to find someone else the show him hate or try to destroy his life because I’m out… soon I’m gonna pay of my car loan and finish my lease and go back to my country to live in peace away from the hate. Sorry for the bad news but I’m sure you will find someone else to hate on because your life is nothing without drama.”

Mohamed continues to rant against Danielle, inviting followers into the shade. He exposed and responded to a message from Danielle, threatening him to be quiet or else face legal action.

“I’m already on public television and this program is not letting me show people the truth so I am going to put everything in my social media for everybody to see anything happens is going to be posted here because I have nothing to hide,” Mohamed responded. “Nobody’s going to shut my mouth even if they can sue me for whatever I’m saying because this is my right to defend myself and use the freedom of the speech to talk like everybody else.”

In a separate post, Mohamed alluded to his life being “destroyed.”

“Love does not give you the right to own someone. The worst type of people who they think when they love you either they have you or they destroy your life.”

So what do you think is next for the most cringeworthy couple in 90 Day Fiance history? Will Mohamed stay, or while he go?


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