Jenelle Evans Ignores Chaotic Reality to Push New “Happy” Season of ‘Teen Mom 2’

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Another season of Teen Mom 2 is on the horizon, and Jenelle Evans is anxious to reveal her renewed joy with viewers.

The MTV diva is expecting a third child with her umpteenth boyfriend, and is ready to share her journey of motherly joy with her fans.

Jenelle is doing a baby bump happy dance — but is apparently blanking out  all that has gone down, since the last installment of the post-adolescent spectacle. Consider the humdingers that have marked Jenelle’s story, over the last few months.

Jenelle’s bestie and filming buddy, Tori Rhyne, was arrested for heroin and marijuana possession last April. It is no secret that Jenelle routinely allowed the alleged druggie to care for children. Rhyne was later hit with a two year period of supervised probation, and Jenelle had to deal with the public exposure of her number one babysitter.   

Tori Rhyne_jenelle's bff_teen mom 2 mugshot

Jenelle battled for custody of the young son she shares with ex, Nathan Griffith, with a joint parenting agreement  hammered out with in May. Will viewers see Jenelle “happily” battling for the right to hang into her child?

Jenelle was busted exaggerating a vague mystery illness on the show, after it was discovered that she actually took off for a spring break appearance, in the midst of the medical drama.  Jenelle was spotted partying like a rock star, after hawking her crippled plight on The Doctors.

Jenelle Evans on the Doctors

A couple of months later, rumors began circulating that Jenelle was knocked-up, for the fifth time. Jenelle denied, denied and denied — until she was outed by a fender bender police report. Will MTV hold Jenelle accountable for concealing and lying about her true reality?

In July, Jenelle shaded her co-star, Chelsea Houska, when the pregnancy was  finally revealed. Jenelle was peeved that Chelsea was getting kudos, while she was hammered with criticism. Jenelle threw a tantrum via Instagram — even briefly deleting her Twitter account, leaving her one  million plus followers in the dark.

All About the Tea_Jenelle Evans Lashes Out On Instagram_Teen Mom 2

In August, Jenelle and boyfriend, David Eason, were embarrassed on the VMA Awards red carpet, when Jenelle’s squeeze was unexpectedly shut out of the event. Jenelle flipped the bird at her meal ticket, MTV, from the couple’s hotel room.

In October, Eason was sentenced to 60 days in prison, after he violated a domestic violence protection order, months before. Eason has appealed the ruling, but might be behind bars when Jenelle gives birth to their daughter.

What do you think? Will fans witness domestic bliss — or just a continuation of Jenelle’s same old messy story?


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