Jenelle Evans Lashes Out At Fans & Chelsea Houska After Pregnancy Confession Slip Up #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans has not yet confessed to rocking a baby bump, but lashed out on social media Saturday, after being busted for admitting a pregnancy, via a police report.

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The Teen Mom 2 starlet has denied bun-in-the-oven rumors for weeks, but the young mother complained of abdominal pains after a July 6th car wreck, the report citing an “at least 10 weeks” along pregnancy. Social media reacted quickly to the exposed report, the confirmed news of a third child from yet another baby daddy, sparking controversy.

Jenelle finally responded on Twitter, linking to a ranting Instagram post.

All About the Tea_Jenelle Evans Lashes Out On Instagram_Teen Mom 2

One part of her post snipes at Evans’ MTV co-star, Chelsea Houska, who recently announced a second pregnancy, with fiancee Cole DeBoer.

“Funny when someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed,” Jenelle rants.

Jenelle is the mother of two boys, Jace, 6, of “16 and Pregnant” fame — and Kai, 2. Rumors have swirled around the reality diva, with many fans wondering what her ultimate plan was, if she was lying and indeed pregnant. Some believe that Jenelle was plotting to sell the story herself, a scenario that was blown to bits by the revealed police report. Jenelle appears incensed by what she believes to be an unfair reaction, in the shadow of Chelsea’s announcement.

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Viewers reacted to Houska positively, presumably because this is believed to be Chelsea’s second pregnancy, within a solid committed relationship. Jenelle has, to date, experienced five on-record pregnancies, with one ending in abortion, and another in miscarriage. Jenelle’s current boyfriend, David Eason, has a controversial reputation, and there has been no public talk of making their relationship a legal one.

Labeling “the world overjoyed” about Chelsea’s new bundle is a bit dramatic — but so is Jenelle Evans.

Stay tuned — because the baby-drama has just begun.


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