EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans’ BFF Victoria (Tori) Rhyne Arrested For Heroin & Marijuana Possession #TeenMom2

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A troubled reality continues for Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans — her bestie and occasional nanny, Victoria Rhyne (Tori), was arrested for possession of Heroin, Marijuana (1/2 oz) and possession of Drug Paraphernalia on April 13 in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Tori Rhyne_jenelle's bff_teen mom 2 mugshotTori Rhyne’s mugshot (4-13-16)

Jenelle’s pal, Tori has been a dramatically spotty presence in Jenelle’s MTV story, and was recently living with Jenelle as a house mate, part-time nanny and faithful partner in crime. 

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According to the police report below, the arrest took place on April 13 at 4:56 pm, along a Wilmington, NC roadway. A Ford SUV was pulled over, searched by Wilmington police and Rhyne, 23, was found to be in possession of the illegal drugs.

Tori police report for heroin arrest_Jenelle Evans_teen mom 2

The arrest comes in the wake of a social media firestorm, following Jenelle’cyberstalking charge (involving her ex Nathan Griffith) and the arrest last month of her boyfriend, David Eason, for violating a domestic violence protective order involving his son. In addition to a heated custody battle underway between Jenelle and Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, who is currently seeking custody of their one-year-old. 

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This is not Rhyne‘s first brush with the law, in November 2011, she was convicted of driving while under the influence (DUI) and given probation. 

Jenelle use to excessively dump her one-year-old son, Kaiser, on Tori, while she managed her busy and careening social schedule. Jenelle refers to Tori as a “nanny” in this argument, captured on social media below.

Jenelle Evans screen shots

Teen brawls and smackdowns have bonded these two besties. Tori is featured on the current season of Teen Mom 2, the following scene (episode 2) was shot in a car ride to pick up Kaiser. The conversation is pretty telling of the collision course reality Jenelle and her gal pal are on.

Teen Mom 2 Collage

As reported, in September 2015, Jenelle Evans was caught with Tori, and newcomer pal Brooke, with a marijuana pipe. The trio posed for a giggly photo below, capturing the happily hazy, carefree moment. High times with the besties appears to be the way Jenelle unwinds from her quasi-celebrity, MTV duties. 


Stay close for updates, as more details become clear, and the story develops.


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