Daughter Mariah Brown Rips The Lid Off Cheating Meri Brown’s Victim Act Following Online Affair #SisterWives

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Sister Wives Mariah hates Mare

Mariah Brown stood her ground during last night’s episode of Sister Wives.

Her mother continues to dance around core truths surrounding her affair with an online catfish — evidenced by proof blasted all over America. Meri Brown’s college-aged daughter simply isn’t buying it. Meri dodged and shirked — but Mariah slam dunked the TLC controlled ball.

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At last, a Brown who doesn’t blink innocently and make vague excuses, when things get tough. Mariah shared her heart, and in doing so, busted her mother, in the revealing footage. Five truth-busters stood out, as Mariah gave us her perspective.

Meri’s True Isolation

Meri claims that she lives for all of the children in the family, and that everything she does is for them. She loves all of the children, and the children love her.

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Mariah clarified that Meri’s whole role in the family is surrounding her — an only child. Mariah feels smothered by a single-focused mother — not a woman who generously offers herself to sixteen others. Meri herself shares about ongoing confusion about where she fits in, and questions her influence within the family. Aspyn Brown is choosing to move into Robyn’s full house, rather than into Meri’s bone empty five bedroom on e— not exactly a ringing Sister-Mom endorsement. 

Mariah’s Knowledge

Meri has not disclosed that Mariah warned her to stay away from Sam. Meri finally confirmed that Mariah was around during the fishy summer of love, but has not publicly acknowledged her daughter’s position. Meri has not stated that she should have listened to her in-the-know daughter — yet another lie of omission.

Mariah emphatically states that she asked her mother not pursue this relationship, from the beginning. Mariah commented during the episode.

“She had a relationship that from the very beginning that I told her not to have.”

“It (catfish discovery) doesn’t change the fact that she totally disregarded me and my feelings, through the whole thing.”

Mariah feels dismissed and shoved aside. Mariah warned Meri, and then had to suffer horrifying public humiliation, as she was proven correct.

Mariah’s Anger

Meri says that Mariah is angry because she was in the home during the online canoodling, and that she believes that she was going to take off with Sam. Meri denies such a plan, and claims to have been “protecting” Mariah.

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Mariah is indeed furious, and she knows that Meri is covering the whole truth. Mariah is not stupid, and knows that Meri never took action to block social media paths, and refused commonsense measures like changing her phone number. Meri’s failure to own her behavior during the relationship is probably playing into the relationship standoff. Mariah commented during the episode.

“I don’t care if that relationship wasn’t real, that it wasn’t physical, and that it was a lie. It doesn’t change the fact that she still had that relationship.”

Mariah has likely heard the voicemails, and seen the photos and the alleged text messages. She knows her mother, and knows that she is dodging full disclosure. Meri continues to claim that she was a targeted victim — for six months. Mariah was probably pushing her to cut it off — and Meri refused. All evidence points to Meri planning an escape — so Mariah is simply believing what unfolded in front of all of our eyes.

Mariah’s Involvement

Meri has not copped to dragging her daughter into the affair, via overheard phone calls, and as an unwilling focus in “Sam’s” public narrative about the affair. “Sam” claims that Mariah came with Meri on the Disneyland jaunt, and was in the mix when they sought to meet for the first time.

Mariah is one of the key side characters on this embarrassing ride. Mariah was used, allegedly to distract and add innocence to a strategized meeting. Has Meri fully acknowledged how she put her daughter’s well-being behind an unknown and shady love interest? Mariah is indeed a victim — of her mother’s pitiful decisions, and a catfish’s game.

Victim Spotlight 

Meri was happy to move on from Mariah’s righteous angst, and bring the focus back to “all she was dealing with,” in the aftermath of the affair. Meri is loving the attention, and is basking in ricocheting victim/warrior roles. Mare appears to be pretty comfy in the catfished spokesmodel spotlight, and obviously wanted to escape Mariah’s astute judgement.

Until Meri comes clean, there may be little “opening up.” Mariah stated that she needed to “work on” a lot of pent up anger.  Mariah was dragged kicking and screaming into a cringeworthy public mess that her married mother pursued. Meri may consider herself a victim — but her daughter does not. Mariah feels disrespected and rightly humiliated. College has broken Mariah free from drinking the kool-aid — and she is bruised, but a far wiser woman for it.


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