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Exclusive: ‘Sister Wives’ Timelines Blur as Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Stands in TLC Spotlight

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The catfish finally hit the fan last night, during the season finale of Sister Wives. Meri Brown begins to come clean, after being entrenched in an affair with a female scammer, posing as Mare’s true love, “Sam Cooper.” Meri began to implicate her catfish lover last night, in about 15 minutes of craftily edited footage. 

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“Sam” posted a novel on his blog, to cosign or dispute points from the show. “He” then released a YouTube video with a voicemail, entitled ‘The End,” claiming it marks the breakup. If this message really reveals their split, Mare had not yet discovered “Sam’s” female identity. It also reveals Mare dropping the F-bomb twice…GASP!

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During the dinner in Alaska, one thing is clear. Meri Brown is deeply detached from the family, unhappy, and is formulating a plan to escape.  She tells the others to not be surprised if they find her GONE.  This aligns with “Sam’s” version of the sequence of events that went down at that dinner. 

“She never planned on talking to the adults about our affair in Alaska. At this point all of them knew she wanted to leave. She had a group therapy session with the women and has told them she wasn’t happy, she wanted to leave. They all were very supportive and loving and said they would make a plan to keep her in the family for the kids.”

“Sam” spills what “he” claims to be true about Meri and Kody’s official  breakup, which allegedly occurred after the Alaska trip. 

“And later on she talked to him 2 or 3 times about leaving or figuring something else out because she was not happy in the marriage. She told me she had a bad marriage the past 10 years. She told me he was shocked to hear it was that long she felt that way but when she said you aren’t in love with me anymore, are you? He answered what do you want me to say to that? He said that he loved her but they both agreed they weren’t in love anymore. He offered to get her a place, rent something in Las Vegas. He offered to help her get back to Utah, he offered to start talking about a spiritual divorce.”   

Meri Brown co-signed to a couple of editing decisions that may come back to bite her on her white-stitched butt.  The first was her denial that she acted on a love relationship.  Voicemails and photos simply tell a different story.  The second was the wonky splicing of the Alaska dinner and the talking head interviews.  “Sam” points out the obvious. 

“The dinner with all of the adults. That was edited in with things she filmed way after we broke up. When she is in the red shirt that has to be sometime in September or October.”

Meri also claims that “Sam” made her uncomfortable from the FIRST week of the relationship, so WHY was she still involved, and planning to leave the family six months later? Meri asserts that she believes that a female fraud  targeted her and her family, and that she was threatened.  In my opinion, the misleading nugget was when she claimed to have been actively pulling away from the family because of being fearful within the romantic relationship. Mare claims to have had a frustrated and continual desire to meet him, and the voicemails reveal a needy desperate woman, not an afraid one. She also claimed that these threats intersected the Alaska trip, seemingly trying to blur some  timelines. 

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My common sense tells me that Overton began her alleged threats AFTER Mare discovered her true identity. The tech-savvy woman Meri was speaking of is “Lindsay,” another faked identity of Overton. “Sam” himself admits that “Lindsay” is skilled, but claims she used her skills to defend him and Mare against internet trolls. Overton probably began the threats, and her end-game operation after the identity discovery. TLC and Meri should come clean, and clarify those deliberately hazed timelines.

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The bottom line appears to be that Mare was in, and in deep. She was in love, and poised to leave the Brown family in order to have a life with “Sam Cooper.” She was duped, plain and simple.  Jackie Overton is indeed a dangerous woman, and probably scared Mare to death…AFTER she was exposed as a slimy con-artist.  If TLC and the Browns were smart, they would embrace full disclosure, and tell the whole truth. I am not holding my breath.


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