Tentative Custody Agreement Reached In Jenelle Evans’ Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith #TeenMom2

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The long arduous legal battle involving, Teen Mom 2 star’s Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith for custody of their 1-year-old son, Kaiser Orion Griffith, has finally come to a resolution.

As reported, Evans, 24, filed court papers on March 3rd, claiming that her ex-fiancee, Nathan, an unfit parent. Evans alleged that Griffith does not have adequate living accommodations and “has eviction papers pending” against him.” Evans also accused Nathan of abusing steroids, and documented Griffith’s multiple arrests, including a misdemeanor larceny charge and domestic violence case.

Surprisingly, the reality TV parents have put aside their differences and agreed to a “joint custody” deal that gives Jenelle primary custody of Kaiser. The tentative agreement gives Griffith visitation every other weekend.

“Both parties have signed the agreement,” Evans’ attorney Dustin Sullivan told Radar.

The custody agreement was reached in mediation and is pending approval from a judge. Once completed, the time with each parent will be confirmed by the state.


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