Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna Support Vile Twitter Bullies That Attack Lisa Vanderpump & #RHOBH Fans

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“You are the company you keep,” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star.

When a vile Twitter punk blasted a nasty tweet at Lisa Vanderpump slamming her pup, Bravo dog-celeb, Giggy, most onlookers were repulsed. The tweet was reported and removed. A quick look at the Twitter account reveals that Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, Brandi Glanville, and Camille Grammer are all mentioned favorably, the shout-outs sandwiched between repeated tweets of pornographic sludge.

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Davidson already faced a firestorm when she missed the mark in a snarky blog, after passing on a march condemning dog slaughter, with co-star Vanderpump. Her tasteless words failed to resonate, and fans overwhelmingly rejected her attempt at a sarcastic explanation. The trend has shifted to silence, because neither Davidson nor Rinna chose to speak out against the recently posted, disturbing tweet.

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Evidently, their feud with Vanderpump is of greater importance than what it takes to denounce the words of clearly depraved, and maybe even dangerous fan. Would a few choice words elevate them both past the drama, and even partially redeem them in the eyes of viewers? YES. Did they choose to grow up, and exhibit such character and integrity? NO.

A savvy Twitter sleuth, noted that Davidson follows another known Twitter bully, who aggressively goes after Lisa Vanderpump and her fans while praising Davidson and Rinna.

Vanderpump acknowledged Davidson was following the known Twitter bully that “hates” her.

The disturbing incident revealed that the duo’s jealous hate-filled hearts would rather sulk in stubborn silence. They sat quietly and simply watched a demented viewer lash out in gutter-level form, targeting the whole Todd/Vanderpump family.

Rinna and Eileen have boarded the Glanville-express, maybe to the point of no return. The pair have cozied up, followed, and validated questionable social media presences in recent days, and their accounts are laced with confident self-affirmations.


It’s a shame that such a golden opportunity passed them by—and all they could muster was….nothing.

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna are limping to the finish line of Season 6—will they make it to Season 7? Lisa Vanderpump and the Gigster are just fine—I can’t say the same for the soap sisters.

Update: The Twitter user’s account that attacked Lisa Vanderpump‘s pup, Giggy and her family, was suspended Monday morning. 


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