Lisa Vanderpump’s Beloved Pup Giggy Attacked “Giggy Should Be Ground Up Into Dog Meat” #RHOBH

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Twitter can be an ugly place, but aren’t kids and pets off limits?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills favorite, Lisa Vanderpump’s beloved pup, Giggy, was thrown into the ring Saturday, on Twitter. The disturbing tweet was tagged to Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump, and their daughter, Pandora. “I think Giggy should be ground up into dog meat. That stupid dog is useless. and FUGLY,” the offensive tweet captioned.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump

The tweet was repeatedly reported, and eventually deleted. Ken and Lisa have been working tirelessly to end the practice of overseas dog torture, slaughter, and eating, so the tweet was maliciously designed to hit them hard. Ken and Pandora responded to the vicious tweet.

What sort of profile would create and blast such a vile message? Lisa linked his timeline to a few familiar personas.

Consider a few other tweets, from the same account.

The same tweeter is hot for Camille Grammer — but I doubt that the interest is mutual.

Viewers from the dark side will stop at nothing, to thrash the fan-adored Vanderpump — and her little dog too.


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