Lisa Rinna: Top 10 Contradictions & Lies Exposed #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna fancies herself a genuine gal, a straight shooter, uncensored—a girl who tells it like it is.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s endless chatter and colorful personality, often distract from the fact that inconsistencies riddle her reality.

1. Fat Shames Fans

Rinna bristles anytime anyone calls out her non-eating habits, and skinny frame, but was caught on Instagram insulting posters, blasting them as “fat hoarders.”

2. Erika’s Video

Rinna clutched her pearls and gasped, when she uncomfortably watched an Erika Jayne video for the first time. Somehow the porny films were deemed “beautiful” by the time the reunion rolled around, and new alliances had been formed. 

3. People Pleaser

Rinna calls herself a strong, confident, solidly opinionated woman—BUT a chronic people pleaser, and one who is easily manipulated.

4. She Mishears Things

Rinna hears what she she wants to hear, and embellishes her language to amp her stories—so much for being a straight shooter. A spoken “rarely” turns into a heard “never” when Rinna is selling a story. Even Rinna’s husband testifies that his wife embellishes her truth. Rinna likely switched a couple of words, and Vanderpump’s post-Munch banter with Kyle was reinvented, as quickly as any other hustle. 

5. Twitter Meltdown

Rinna moaned the interruption of her spring break with her family, due to self-inflicted social media drama. However, the same woman had no problem wrecking the fancy Dubai cast trip, with her compulsive, negative jabber. I understand production-driven, manufactured drama—but Rinna’s obsessive game was on another level. A beautiful trip was polluted into a bad memory.

6. Knowledge of Munchausen Storyline

Rinna admitted on the Jenny McCarthy radio show, ‘Dirty Sexy Funny,’ that she had a strong sense that Yolanda Foster would be questioned about her illness during the season—then later behaved like a guilty wide-eyed deer, when the storyline blew up in her face.

7. Manipulator

Rinna ricocheted from Yolanda to Vanderpump while blasting “MANIPULATOR!” from the rooftops. But it appeared obvious that Rinna and Eileen strategized before the infamous Munchausen phone reading, at Lisa Vanderpump’s home. Eileen waltzed in and asked “what’s happening?” right on cue. Those soap stars sure know how to work it.

8. Switch Teams

Rinna was concerned that she “betrayed” Yolanda with HER Munch-gossip—until she decided that it was really Lisa Vanderpump who made her do it. Is there such a thing as temporary betrayal?

9. “Feeling Shitty” About Her “Honesty” 

Rinna initially claimed sole responsibility for bringing the Munchausen dialogue to the group, after admitting to gossiping about Yolanda. Rinna said she was just being honest, hanging her head in shame. I don’t need to beat a dead horse—but you know the 90 degree turn that Rinna chose, to deal with “feeling shitty” about her “honesty.” 

10. Kim Richards Attack

Rinna claimed she was shaking in her Jimmy Choos when Kim Richards exposed her to her junkie reality, even labeling her as terrifying as a rabid dog. Rinna’s anxiety turned to chutzpah, when she secretly fired off threatening texts, at the end of Season 5, and maintained an aggressive stance towards Richards, whenever their paths crossed during Season 6. Rinna is a thug in a QVC poly-poncho—and she knows it.

One announced trait remains true—and that is Rinna’s assertion that she is not particularly sharp. Smarts are not her “wheelhouse,” she said, earlier in the season. Rinna proved herself accurate in epic fashion, during Season 6.


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