Eileen Davidson Taunts Lisa Vandepump’s Charitable Work To End Dog Killings

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What in the hell has happened to Eileen Davidson? Last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was such a mild-mannered soap star with bad taste in clothing and home decor. While her tastes haven’t changed, this year she has a hate on for Lisa Vanderpump, and she doesn’t care who knows it.

Eileen has had a gripe with Lisa about trivial matters since the beginning of the season. She’s brought up the Hamptons argument time and again. This week, Eileen claimed she was too busy to attend the Yulin protest with LVP. This Chinese festival is celebrated by killing thousands of dogs. In her talking head, Lisa pointed out that she too is busy but somehow found the time for a cause that is dear to her heart. Instead of understanding Lisa’s disappointment, Eileen felt attacked. 

Lisa V.’s support of the Stop Yulin Forever is wonderful. I was invited to the protest, but I couldn’t go. Obviously, it was because I’m a total sociopath who wants all dogs, even my own, to be tortured, then murdered, then eaten for my own entertainment. Or at least that’s what it seemed Lisa V. was insinuating at dinner.”

Really? That’s what you heard, Eileen? Maybe you should go see Kathryn Edwards’ ear doctor and have your hearing checked.

“I’m not going to apologize for being a working mother of a twelve-year-old who made the decision to spend a day at home with her son. Should I have to?”

While Eileen was too busy to march, she did have time to attend Camille Grammer’s cancer charity event.

“As you know, curing women’s cancer is especially close to my heart because my sister passed away due to breast cancer two years ago. I was so happy to support Camille and The Foundation for Women’s Cancer.”

Eileen has definitely picked sides, and she’s #TeamLyme all the way, backing up Yolanda Hadid every chance she gets.

“Also, this week we saw Yolanda prepping for her speech for the Global Lyme Alliance gala… I hope this will…help ladies in our group have a better understanding of what she’s been through.”

It struck me last night, as Eileen complained long and loud to Rinna about LVP’s manipulative ways, that it was Eileen weaving a web, trying to get Rinna to side with her against Vanderpump. She played Rinna like a finely tuned grand piano full of Grammys. But was Rinna being manipulated by Lisa or was Lisa merely engaging in conversation? And what about Eileen? Is she an honest and forthright person or a manipulative hypocrite?


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