Jenelle Evans’ Attorney Blows Her Client’s Assault Case With Contradictory Statements? #TeenMom2

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is set to face a jury trial on April 22nd, after an attempted plea deal failed to settle her assault and battery case.

Jenelle, 24, was slammed with the charges last August, when Evans allegedly hit Jessica Henry, her ex, Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, in the head with a mason jar. Jenelle maintains a tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy, one that is marked by legal skirmishes.

Evans’ lawyer recently spoke about the upcoming trial, concluding that Nathan, 27, and Jessica are simply seeking revenge, by sticking to the charges. Amy Lawrence spoke out about the case, at the end of March.  

“It’s evident, after watching Ms. Henry’s statement on the latest Teen Mom 2 episode that she and Nathan have ulterior motives for prosecuting Jenelle,” Lawrence told Radar. “We whole heartedly believe they went to Jenelle’s home with the intention of causing conflict. Nathan was told multiple times not to bring Jessica to Jenelle’s residence and they both chose to ignore her request.”

“Their [Griffith and Henry] abuse of the criminal justice system is awful and drowns out the voice of real victims.”

Jenelle’s attorney has indeed had a change of heart, since consulting with her client, while MTV cameras were rolling, months ago. Lawrence is heard on the April 11, episode of the show talking to Jenelle on the phone.

“The real issue is this — she was never in the house. [Jenelle clarifies here, that the incident occurred in her driveway] Right, and, but that doesn’t cover. You don’t get to use force to get somebody out of your driveway. It don’t work like that, it’s not the way the law works.”

Lawrence continued,  “Both Nathan and Jessica were there [in court]. I actually had a long, good talk with them about everything. Nathan was probably the most clear-headed I’ve seen him in years. He was very logical when I was talking to him about everything, he was visibly upset because of not being able to see Kaiser. So I told him that I was going to give you the advice, that I think you guys need to come up with some kind of custody agreement, where he has the baby every other weekend.”

Jenelle becomes upset at this point, because her lawyer shifted the dialogue from the assault charge, to the custody struggle for the ex-couple’s one-year-old boy. Evans also accused Nathan and Jessica of putting on a front, to hide their evil ways. Her lawyer pushed, to finish her point.

“They’ve got you red-handed and you admit to everything that you did. There is no defense to it. That’s assault and battery, third degree. You can’t afford to have that on your criminal history. You can’t have it on your background check, if you want to continue with school, or get a good job. I talked with Jessica, and I am just going to be honest with you, she’s a good person, she’s not a horrible person. She’s kind, she’s very, like, sweet. Just listen to me — I deal with criminals all day long. All day. I deal with people who are the bottom of the bottom, and I know how to judge character.”

Jenelle drops the phone, and storms off — a typical response, whenever she is being schooled with information that she doesn’t like. A behind-closed-doors rant kicks off, and MTV yells “cut.” Viewers cheered Lawrence, putting Jenelle, in her place.

Jenelle’s lawyer has jumped from admitting on camera that there is NO defense for the reality diva, to one claiming a frivolous lawsuit, from two manipulative revenge seekers.

What happened to Jessica’s sweet heart, and Nathan’s clear-headed logic? Those MTV cameras are sneaky things — and this time, they captured the truth.


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