EXCLUSIVE: Yolanda Foster Caught Faking Sickness To Ditch Major Lyme Disease Charity Event — See Photos!

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“I have been in a bathrobe for the past 14 months, but you know, it’s for my cause, and I’m going to show up, and I’m going to do it.”

These words were spoken by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster, before last fall’s Global Lyme Alliance Gala. The NYC charity event was featured on last week’s episode, of the Bravo reality show. Yolanda claims that she will stop at nothing, in her quest to raise Lyme disease awareness — except maybe for a jaunt overseas.

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We have exclusively learned that Yolanda Foster intentionally dodged a 2015 Lyme Disease fundraiser, organized by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation. The foundation defines itself as “The leading national nonprofit funder of innovative Lyme disease research.” The third annual LymeAid Gala, an event that boasts bringing “celebrities and scientists together to help accelerate medical breakthroughs for Lyme Disease,” occurred on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The honorary chairs of the event,  David and Yolanda Foster, but were not in attendance. The press release reads,

“Yolanda Foster, a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a high profile sufferer of Lyme disease, who along with her husband, music producer David Foster, were honorary chairs of the event but did not attend due the severity of her symptoms of Lyme disease.”

A trip overseas, was evidently the best alternative medicine, for FosterYolanda was actually in Holland visiting her family, May 5- 18 of last year.

Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBHYolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBHYolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBHYolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

Yolanda managed to bike ride, eat french fries, and even to travel to Paris, to visit her bitchiest bestie, Ellie O’Connell

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Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

It’s safe to assume that the event date had been circled on the calendar, for months. Yolanda chose to jet overseas, after committing her name and presence, to an effort that supports her supposed life’s mission.

Never fear — because Yolanda had her trusty “health advocate,” Daisy White, stand in her absence. Not exactly the glamorous Bravoleb that the guests had in mind. Daisy said during the event,

“Meeting the scientists working with Bay Area Lyme Foundation to solve the challenges of Lyme disease, and seeing their enthusiasm for their research, gives me great hope for the future.”

Daisy White describes herself on her website as a teacher, writer, coach, actress, pilates teacher, translator, and high class call girl. She now labels herself as “an all around motivator for people and artists.” It seems clear that this “health advocate” title is just a highfalutin name, for a very handsomely paid cheerleader.

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Meanwhile, as donors coughed up their cash, Yolanda proudly proclaimed herself “a Lyme warrior on strike.”

Yolanda Foster in Holland_RHOBH

A Twitter follower took note of the revealing time overlaps and called out Yolanda — who responded by immediately removing the referenced Instagram photo.

Yolanda’s co-star, Lisa Rinna, has accused Yolanda of using her illness to suit her purposes, along with her desired schedule. Rinna hit a bigger tick-shaped bullseye, than she likely realizes.

Yolanda Hadid is BUSTED — and her twisted history is beginning to trip her up. Yolanda Foster uses her cryptic condition when it works for her, and ditches it, when it gets in her way. Yolanda returned to the states and her husband — and the vibrant Instagram travel pics faded back to pale, peaked, and pathetic. Right on schedule.


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