No Mercy! Yolanda Hadid’s BFF Ellie O’Connell Bitterly Bashes & Humiliates Medical Workers While Begging for Cash

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RHOBH_ Yolanda's BFF Ellie

Yolanda Hadid sure knows how to pick ‘em. Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been dragged on Yolanda’s dreary Lyme journey, and now her Twitter followers have been solicited to pitch in, to help a friend in need. 

Ellie O’Connell is hospitalized in France, enduring a struggle with ALS. Yolanda has been promoting O’Connell’s GoFundMe account, encouraging her fans to cough up their pennies, in support of her bestie. The effort has raised many eyebrows, because the French health care system is one of universal health care, largely financed by government  health insurance.

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In an odd development, a peek at O’Connell’s Instagram account yesterday, revealed a startlingly dark sense of humor. A few recently deleted Instagram posts could be more accurately described as puked up bitterness. Medical professionals surrounding her are being raked over the coals, and smugly photographed in their supposed failure. O’Connell deleted the posts earlier today, but not before All About the Tea captured them as screenshots. Some readers found her funny, others were disgusted by her nasty shtick.

This is my Nurse, Astrid, at the palliative care center. The first day I hated her because she would not give me my cellphone. I had to remind her that this was not an insane asylum. Then, I decided her anger was due to the fact that she has rosacea. I took pity on her, gave her some face cream and now we are best friends. Just to pissed her off I like to call her Sir. I like her even more now that she told me that she spent 5 years at a monastery…by choice. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s palliative care character,” Ellie‘s first post captioned.

RHOBH_ Yolanda's BFF Ellie nasty IG post _1

Ellie was just getting warmed up, because she posted another zinger, a couple of days later.

RHOBH_ Yolanda's BFF Ellie nasty IG post_2

“Saturday at the Jeanne Garnier palliative care shithole… This little patronizing mouse who needs to get her hair “did” has caused my feeding tube to explode two days in a row… So I was forced to beg the question,”Have I been inadvertently admitted into a teaching hospital?” She also decided amongst herself that I should only have half a bath. As I was struggling for breath to explain that I could not breath well because her undertoned tanless gigantic forearm was knocking off my breathing machine, she told me that I should learn French… So I called her a bitch… In French.”

I have seen what being terminally ill and angry looks like, but this is in a category of it’s own. I also can appreciate a dark sense of humor, but if this is funny—someone turn on the lights! The energy behind O’Connell’s words is harshly negative, and it’s hard to find humor in publicly and personally  eviscerating any professional, seeking to go about their work day. 

How do the key Beverly Hill players factor into Ellie’s ongoing story?   

  • Ellie is an old friend of Yolanda’s. The duo’s bond is strong, due to their common health crises—although Yolanda’s is cryptic, and Ellie’s is concretely dismal.
  • Ellie skewered Lisa Rinna in her personal blog, verbally ripping her to shreds, after she dared breath the Munch-word, about her dear cohort, Yolanda the Great. 
  • Yolanda posted Ellie’s GoFundMe link on Twitter, and asked for donations, to aid in her medical expenses. Kyle Richards and Eileen Davidson both pitched in, evidently unconcerned that Ellie had nastily blasted their cast mate, and supposed friend. Eileen also posted the GoFundMe link on her Twitter account. Yolanda kicked in a few bucks, and went back to her phone, to snap the next sad Instagram pic.

It is interesting to note that Yolanda routinely rambles about positivity, gratitude, and seeking a peaceful mindset. The woman she calls her best friend, certainly doesn’t reflect what Yolanda claims to value.

Yolanda is drawn to Ellie for a reason—will the real Yolanda Hadid please stand up? It is also ironic that Yolanda is seeking cash from her followers, to benefit someone who seeks to publicly demean the very same working demographic. Few knew who Ellie O’Connell was, until a Bravoleb slapped a girl-couple sickie-pic on social media. Ellie is working her time in the indirect spotlight—and the sight isn’t pretty. 


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