Shocking! Yolanda Foster’s “Health Advocate” Revealed as Acting Coach and Former Hooker

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Yolanda lookinfg sickly_RHOBH_April Daisy White

Yolanda Foster has been welcoming fans into her pain this season, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her story includes an agonizing struggle against a relentless illness, and more recently, a crushing heartbreak due to a split from her love and king, David Foster. Thank goodness she has her “health advocate,” Daisy, by her side. Yolanda describes April Daisy White in glowing terms. 

“Daisy is like my brain. She survived Lyme disease, and made it her mission in life to go out and help others,” Yolanda said. 

But who is Daisy White? She describes herself on her website as someone who has been “a teacher, a writer, a coach, an actress, a pilates teacher, a translator, and a high-class call-girl.”  She now labels herself “an all around motivator for people and artists.”  In 2004 she wrote and performed a one woman show based on her life, called “Sugar.” The show’s description reads, 

“Sugar explores her life as a young model born in France to American parents, leading us through her journey as an international call girl.”

In addition to her classy hooker credits, Daisy boasts experience as a  producer, and most interestingly, as an acting coach.  I finally found a nod to her Bravo persona on her Linkedin page, which states,

“She is also a wellness coach as well as a patient advocate and a certified health coach. She more specifically focuses on patient who are chronically ill or who have Lyme disease.”

One particularly relevant nugget of info is missing. There is NO mention anywhere of Daisy confirming that she is a Lyme disease survivor. It would indeed be quite a feat to pull off developing such a multifaceted skill set, while fighting an autoimmune illness. This assertion appears to be a lie, fabricated by Yolanda, Bravo, or both. Below is a video of “health advocate,” Daisy giving Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna a tour of Yolanda’s new condo and “impressive” medicine closet.

So why is this woman in the mix, and HOW is she coaching Yolanda Foster? Is she simply holding her hand during her bazillion treatments? Could she be the one snapping the sickie-pics, or is she actually an on-location acting tutor? She did pull off a mean Vanna White, when she eagerly displayed Yolanda’s drug closet to Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and the Bravo audience.  Did Bravo simply hire an actress who doubles as a health advocate, while side jobbing it as an acting coach? A multi-focused  presence would certainly be a perfect fit, for a ‘Housewife’ working to create a believably pitiful reality. 

Daisy charges $200 an hour for her services as a life coach. There is no mention of what a triple-bill of services could be costing Bravo. Yolanda claims that Daisy’s life mission is to “help people”…but just HOW is she “helping” Yolanda Foster?    


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