EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Foster’s Quack Doctor EXPOSED For Shady Lyme Disease Treatments

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Yolanda Foster/Hadid continues to tick off Bravo fans, with her tireless and seemingly endless attempts to sit in the Lyme-light.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently posted a photo of her travel companions — the duo she credits with carrying her through her #InvisibleIllness “journey.” Career tinkerer, Daisy White, is always by her side, and the big kahuna, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is given a shout out.


Yolanda offers a sincere sentiment to us poor misinformed slobs, in the caption, “Optimisn allows us to look at the bright side of our circumstances, even when we struggle with the ignorance and doubt of the misinformed.”

Misspelling aside, THANKS Yolanda! You have inspired me to GET informed, and take another look at your Lyme-savior, Dr. Dietrech Klinghardt.

I discovered that the New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners placed Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D. on probation for three years, in 1993. The situation was triggered by a 1991 incident, which occurred during a seminar that was sponsored by Klinghardt. Dr. K’s teaching guest, Milne J. Ongley M.D., gave injections to patients during the course of his teaching, minus a New Mexico medical license. Ongley was subsequently convicted of practicing without a license in NM and California. Klinghardt now practices in Washington state.

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There is a site called Quackwatch — a public service list comprised of medical professionals involved “in some way with the promotion or administration of questionable health products and/or services or with opposition to beneficial methods.” Yolanda’s beloved doc is on the list. The list is amusingly titled — Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions. I love it.

A blog posted in 2010 exposes Klinghardt’s alleged quackery, and the piece is an excellent source of educated medical analysis, laced with a delicious sprinkling of snark. The piece is written by “Orac,” an MD, and a PhD. Hey Yolanda — I think that YOU may be the misinformed slob!

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First of all, the writer/doctor is anti-homeopathic/reiki/ and “energy medicine,” and labels all such practice, as quackery. In Bravo-speak, RHOC’s Shannon Beador wouldn’t hit up this guy/gal. The writer characterizes Klinghardt as a legitimate MD and PhD, who had gone to the “dark side.”

Below, listen to an interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt talk about his medical background, toxicity and regular detoxification programs. (The interesting part starts at 4:00 mark)


The whole blog is great, but I focused on a few nuggets that speak to Yolanda’s droning diagnostic blather. The piece speaks of the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology and Dr. K’s “5-level system of Integrative Medicine.” These 5 levels of healing include:

1. The LOWEST level is the physical body.

2. The second level is the energy body or “body electric.”

3. The next higher body, the mental body or mental field.

4. The fourth level is a level beyond the mind and beyond language.

5. The fifth level is the “spirit body.”

I zoned in on #2 — does anyone remember I SING the body electric?? — a doctor I’m not! The writer restates Dr. K’s explanation of #3.

“The next higher body, the mental body or mental field, extends theoretically into infinity squared, and the higher two levels extend beyond that. Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts form and organize this level. There is an individual mental field and a consensus field (consensus reality). Every emotion (2nd level) is preceded by a perception and a thought or chain of thoughts. Thoughts trigger emotions and other energy body changes, which in turn trigger change in the physical body. We are all surrounded by our own mental field, which in turn interrelates with the field of our human species. A mental field can be healthy and can be sick.”

Do you think that David may have informed Yolanda that infinity squared IS infinity — before he kicked her big flippers to the curb? The MD blogger hilariously labels Dr. K’s methods as “woo,” and explains the “woo-meister’s” view on “toxicity,” a bell-ringer in Yolanda’s vocabulary.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”Toxicity” almost always refers to mystical, magical “toxins,” usually (of course!) from modern life, that are allegedly poisoning us. Rare is it that someone like Klinghardt will actually specify what these “toxins” are, how they make us “toxic,” and how he knows that it is the “toxins” that are causing disease, other than sometimes to invoke vague “heavy metal” toxicity (which would be a great name for a band, by the way).”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Sound Bravo-familiar? What about that tag-word “chronic?”

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”Chronic infection” almost always means something like “chronic Lyme disease” or vague, unproven parasitic or fungal “infections” that are not.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

The writer goes on to explain Dr.K’s belief in autonomic resonance testing (ART), and something called “neural therapy.” 

ART Definition: When a substance is placed over an area of your body that contains this identical substance, a stress signal is elicited, which makes a strong indicator muscle go weak.

The third “law” of ART is particularly weird:

Resonance between the examiner and the patient: the examiner’s body acts exactly like any other substance held into the energy field of the patient. If the doctor is toxic with the same substance that is causing the patient’s illness or that is stored in one or more of the patient’s tissues, the test will be affected as outlined in the 1st and 2nd law of ART.

Dr. K himself MUST be toxin-free, or fear polluting the patient, via funky vibration transfer. This just keeps getting better! The blog details ART testing, and counts “kirlian” aka AURA photography, as one of the silly determiners. The writer snickers:

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”On the other hand, I will give Dr. K props for the bit about spiral shape of the DNA storing and emitting light through rhythmic contractions as part of the body’s “light metabolism.” (I thought light metabolism meant that you didn’t eat anything too heavy.) That is some primo, grade A woo there, yes indeed.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

“Neural therapy” is the category under which Yolanda’s disturbing “detoxification” treatments fall. Dr. K also advocates something called applied psycho-neurobiology. Patients “choose from the audience representatives for their ancestors which are placed within the circle of participants in a specific order. Through a series of healing interventions memories, thoughts and feelings of the represented real people are brought to light. The circle and the specific groupings of representatives function spontaneously and powerfully as a healing tool for the client and her/his family.”

This means that Yolanda may be dragging her poor dead ancestors along on her loony journey. The medical blogger also links Dr. K with other alleged quacks, including a Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. K’s partner in the video. Klinghardt was featured on Mercola’s website, and the writer notes Mercola’s dubious track record, in the informative piece. 

I just skimmed the surface, but you get the picture. Yolanda regularly regurgitates the Klinghardt kool-aid — equating the “woo” with “awareness.” However, the surgical removal of a leaky silicone implant is the only procedure that has supposedly improved Yolanda’s condition. Who knew that treating the “lowest level,” aka the physical body, would be just the  ticket?


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