‘Sister Wives’ Relative Reveals Kody Brown’s Wives Are “Miserable” In Polygamy Marriage

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Fans have been waiting for TLC to announce a spring premiere date for Sister Wives. Rumors have been swirling about the future of the show, since Meri Brown was outed for canoodling with an online catfish.

All About the Tea has reported extensively on the dynamics within the polygamist family, and the misery that seems to exist within the quasi-married relationships. A new interview is backing up what viewers have witnessed, while watching the Brown reality evolve over several seasons.

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Christine Brown’s aunt, Kristyn Decker, is speaking out, and giving her take on what is really going on in her niece’s spiritual marriage to Kody Brown. Decker is the daughter of Owen Allred, who was a second generation leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, a polygamist sect of the Latter Day Saint movement — a big kahuna, in polygamy-land. Decker and Christine’s mother were step-sisters, due to a plural marriage.

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The Browns are members of the sect, even though fans never see the family participating in any fellowship, outside a cul-de-sac living room. Decker, who no longer belongs to the sect, echoes the obvious — that her niece is not happy, and should follow her example, and leave.

“I don’t believe that she’s (Christine) happy,” Decker tells Radar Online, adding, “I call it ‘miserable happiness.’ That truly describes those that were in polygamist marriages and those that left. I think they are just miserable and the show started showing it.”

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Decker describes the dynamics of the family, one that is glaringly apparent, to fans of the show.

“There is a lack of connection between the women,” she explains. “They don’t know where to stand when they’re talking about their relationship with the other women. They don’t get the quality time they want with their husband. Neither do the children. The spousal connection isn’t there. They are happy because they believe they are serving God or their God. But it is miserable happiness.”

Decker uses the word “misled” when describing the Brown plight, dodging using the more appropriate term, “brainwashed.”

“I think the Browns are precious people. They are just misled like I was,” she said. “They were born and raised with it. They are not representing the majority of polygamy.”

I guess Kristyn is off the next family hoe-down guest list! Christine was a cryptic soul last season, ricocheting between hysterical happiness, and marriage misery. Christine’s Twitter presence since the season ended has been scarce and spotty, and no one from the family is talking on social media, about the future of the show. It’s safe to say that Aunt Kristyn, being a cult defector, is likely cut off from the Browns. Her insider observations align with the average viewer, watching the disturbing spectacle — a show that TLC is proud to call a hit. 


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