Kim Richards Speaks Out About Her Drunken Rampage & Arrest At The Beverly Hills Hotel

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It was nearly one year ago when Kim Richards made national news with her drunken meltdown at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Finally, the embattled star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is speaking out about what went down that night with a one-on-one with Andy Cohen.

“I drank that night. No excuses,” Kim tells Andy during her Watch What Happens Live that airs on Tuesday, March 8.

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During this time in Kim’s life, she had a lot of stress going on. Her son, Chad, was ill and her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, was battling cancer. There was also ongoing issues with her dog Kingsley and her sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton. Kim explained,

“I stopped taking the time for me and going to meetings because I was taking care of other people and stopped taking care of myself.”

On the night of her arrest, the final reunion show was airing. Kim visited her son and then went to see her daughter Brooke Wiederhorn, and had a drink.

“I felt horribly guilty and I thought, I need to go home. I can’t be at my daughter’s house like this. This is terrible,” Kim said. 

Kim says as she started to head home in her car, but realized she shouldn’t be drinking and driving, so Kim decided to pull into the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel to sit and wait while she sobered up.

So after “a drink” Kim determined her driving had become impaired and went inside to sit in her “usual booth” at the hotel restaurant. However, since the restaurant was about to close, they reportedly wouldn’t allow her to wait in her booth. Here’s what Kim says happened by one of the hotel employees. Kim explained, “He said, ‘If you don’t leave we’re calling the police,’ and I really thought he was joking, and he called the police. And one thing led to another.”

Around 1:30 in the morning police received a report of a “possible fight” at the famous hotel and were dispatched to investigate the matter. The “one thing that led to another” was Kim being charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery of an officer. Kim eventually pled “no contest” to the charges last September and was sentences to three years’ probation, community service, 52 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, and to stay away from Beverly Hills Hotel.

As for the Target incident in which Kim was charged with shoplifting, she wouldn’t talk about that with Andy. “It’s a legal issue, and I can’t discuss that.”


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