BREAKING NEWS: Kim Richards ARRESTED For Drunken Rampage and Battery On a Cop!

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Well, well, WELL!! Just two days after the airing of part three of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, where America watched Kim Richards haughtily deny that she EVER struggles wish sobriety, TMZ is reporting that Kim Richards is BUSTED!

Kim Richards was arrested early Thursday morning, after a supposed drunken rampage, and allegedly kicking a cop. Sources report that the reality star was hanging around the Polo Lounge, inside the Beverly Hills Hotel, and was asked to leave because she was hammered and becoming “unruly.” Kim reportedly scampered to her favorite place of refuge, the bathroom, and refused to come out. The cops were called, and sources assert that she was dragged out of the bathroom. Witnesses described Richards as reportedly belligerent, slurring her words, and reeking of booze. Does this mean that the struggle is back?

TMZ was told that she was taken to a nearby jail, where she allegedly kicked a cop. The charges are listed as trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, and drunk in public. A citation was issued by police, and Richards was later released.

A source tells Radar Online that a Polo Lounge bartender had to cut Richards off, when the behavior escalated.
“Kim had been drinking vodka tonics all night,” a source told Radar. “At some point after midnight, the bartender decided that Kim had enough to drink, and refused to serve her.”
Richards then reportedly became very angry, remarking, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Who do you think picked her up for the drive of shame? Brandi? Maybe…unless she had earlier bolted with a twenty-something, Mr. Right-Now, leaving her bestie behind as a solo act. Kyle? By the time Kyle arrived at police headquarters, Kim would have thought up a reason to blame her for the embarrassing display….so hopefully, Kyle declined. Lisa Rinna is a definite no. So is this ‘Real Housewife’ finally ready to GET REAL?

Stay tuned, because something tells me we will be hearing more soon.

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