Yolanda Foster Compares Her “Invisible” Lyme Disease To AIDS Virus

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Yolanda Foster demands to be heard, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has shaken off Bravo editors, and is now blogging on her own website.

WHOOPS — pardon me — Yolanda HADID is blogging on her own website. Pesky, though mentally sound editors, may have shut down the end portion of her blog — the section comparing her invisible Lyme disease, to the AIDS virus. Yolanda writes,

“When AIDS first appeared three decades ago, it was first seen as a “gay disease.” That judgement at that time could not have been further from the truth….” 

“Tens of thousands of gay men, some of them very close to me were dying and it seemed like no one cared. People who contracted HIV/AIDS were doubted and shunned by their own families, turned away from medical providers and treated like they weren’t even human.” 


“Today, thanks to the persistent hard work of Elton and activists, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Instead, it is a manageable chronic illness. We know how to prevent it. We know how to treat it. And someday, we may learn how to cure it.”

She draws a bizarre parallel between the past plight of AIDS sufferers, and the supposed misunderstood reality of Lyme disease patients.

“There is a dangerous lack of compassion for those living with and dying of chronic Lyme disease…….” 

“Once I personally experienced the stigma around this disease, I decided I could help the Lyme community by authentically sharing my journey. I have joined forces with the Global Lyme Alliance and other Lyme organizations in order to raise funds for research, proper diagnostics and a cure affordable for all. I use my platform to bring awareness to this crisis because I truly believe that it is the higher purpose of my journey.”

“Once I get well, I want to do more…… I would like to start a non profit Organisation that provides care for those who fall on the wayside of our medical system. I would like to one day write a book and download all I’ve learned and share the treatments I have done but for now I have laser beam focus on getting myself and my children well so that we can get back to the healthy and vibrant life we deserve to live!”

What stigma surrounds sufferers of Lyme disease? Last I checked, no one was shunning people with sketchy tick bites. I would argue that the loony attention that Yolanda Hadid is bringing to the Lyme discussion is CREATING a stigma—one defined by the blurring of lines between medical truths and and one unbalanced “journey.” Yolanda even refers to Lyme patients as “Lymies”— as if a secret handshake club exists, in the center of  her self-obsessed world.

“I am hopeful and confidant that more Lymies will keep this conversation going and that celebrities and influential people effected by this disease will stop suffering in silence and have the courage to start sharing their journey as well because together we have the power to make a difference — each and every one of us.”


Glaring contradictions continue to stand out in Yolanda’s ramblings. She previously claimed that leaky breast implants were responsible for the majority of her Lymey symptoms, so WHY isn’t she crusading against silicone implants? Is her bloody implant baby technically a Foster leftover, and no longer relevant? Yolanda passionately asserts “laser beam focus,” but on social media, hindered brain function is still in the mix.

Yolanda makes reference to her “tone” during the last episode of RHOBH, noting,

“I am 100% Dutch and proud of it, any one that was raised with a Germanic language will agree that our tone is strong especially once translated into English.”

So WHY is the German originated word “Munchausen” so difficult for Yolanda to manage?

Yolanda is firmly entrenched in her own lemon-less universe, if she believes that she has a shot at most viewers co-signing these two doozies.

“So Please trust me when i say; I am doing the best that i can!”

“We’re like 3 race horses champing at the bit to move on from this, Trust Me!!”

Sorry Yolanda—we passed “trust” a long time ago.


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