Yolanda Foster Uses Big Ang’s Death To Seek Attention For Her “Invisible” Illness — Twitter Erupts!

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Big Ang Yolanda

Yolanda Foster isn’t slowing down, and despite public criticism, continues to blare her “invisible illness” agenda from the social media rooftops.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s pursuit crossed a sensitive line, when she drew a personal parallel between the death of Mob Wives star, Angela Raiola, and her own struggle against Lyme disease. Raiola died early Thursday morning, after a long battle with throat and lung cancer.

Most lives have been touched by cancer, and most would agree that cancer is a wretched disease, that is anything but invisible. Yolanda practically jumped on the fatal plight of the beloved “Big Ang,” so she could her hitch her loony-wagon to the woman of the hour. Many fans were outraged by Yolanda’s tweet, and sounded off.


Yolanda’s followers pointed out what Yolanda refuses to see, when she looks in the mirror.


Yolanda continues her very public fight against her #invisibleillness, and  doesn’t care if fans are over it—what many perceive to be a quest for  attention-seeking drama. A recent post on Yolanda’s Instagram account is captioned, “Lets talk about important facts, You might be tired of hearing about it but I am tired of living it.”


It’s Yolanda, Yolanda, and more Yolanda, and many fans believe that her entire existence revolves around desperately seeking the spotlight. The drama has evolved into her main storyline, and many viewers are growing weary. One fan has wise advice, for the soon to be single mother of three.   



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