Lonely Heart! Meri Brown Revisits Catfish Affair In Cryptic Disneyland Tweet

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Meri Brown

The atmosphere around the Sister Wives cul-de-sac is likely cooling, as the Browns cuddle their newest addition, and the “Sam” heat fades, after the release of his e-book, “Almost Meri’ed.”  

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Meri Brown’s catfish romeo has quieted down, but has Meri Brown really moved on, after their six month love affair? “Sam,” aka Jackie Overton, continues to blog about his days, sharing how he is picking up the pieces, after losing the love of his life. 

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A quick update reveals that “Sam” is preparing to adopt twin boys, his pal “Lindsay” got married, (Sam walked her down the aisle..I’m sure the visual was stunning) and in an ode to the year 2000,”Sam” is challenging his readers to “pay it forward.” The world is a slippery place, and a kind word can go a long way, especially if you’re a real person. Movin’ on.

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Meri Brown has held back dramatically on Twitter, since she was hooked by Overton and exposed as a spiritual cheater. Her needy presence on social media proved to be risky, so Mare only sticks a bronzed leg into Twitter every now and then. However, a recent post raised some eyebrows, and smacked of a cryptic nod to her romance with “Sam.” Is Meri Brown hovering somewhere between her monogamous fantasy and her discarded polygamist reality? 

A standout event during the course of Mare’s affair was an alleged outing  with “Sam” at Disneyland.  She indeed spent time with “Sam’s” true identity, catfish scammer, Jackie Overton, posing as “Lindsay Jackson.” “Sam” described their alleged romantic jaunt to Disney, in his book. 

“The Disney trip was where Meri’s feeling really became stronger. We had sex very early that morning and began an an affair. The guilt from it hadn’t really hit either one of us yet. We were still flying up in the clouds over each other. She was so happy that day. Her smile was just glowing. So beautiful. She was swarmed with fans off and on and it made it difficult for her to really enjoy much me with her daughter. She did the best she could to find me and spend time with her daughter.”

WHY would Meri Brown take her followers back down a road of such  humiliation, unless she believed it to be otherwise? 

Is Mare working to replace an icky memory with a happy one….or is she oddly missing the good ol’ days with “Sam Cooper?” What do you think the truth is behind the  tweet? 


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