Legal Trouble! ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gearing Up To Take Legal Action & Silence Catfish Scammer

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Sister Wives Collage_Catfish_Meri Brown

According to a new report, Meri Brown is finally fighting back!

The Sister Wives star is allegedly scrambling to shut down her catfish lover, Jackie Overton, aka dashing dreamboat, “Sam Cooper.” 

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The hard copy of Life & Style is reporting that Meri Brown has taken steps to thwart the ongoing release of Overton’s alleged e-book, Almost Meri’ed. The book supposedly tells the harrowing tale of a a spiritually committed, yet lonely reality star, abandoning her beliefs for a naughty departure into true love. According to a source, Meri is finally taking legal action against the Oklahoma scammer.   

“Meri served Jackie with two cease and desist orders.  Jackie’s using her former relationship with Meri, as Sam, to her advantage.  She’s going to try and make money out of it.”

An alleged future lawsuit, along with a restraining order is supposedly in the mix, but no clarifying details are offered in the report. 

Meri maintains her silence, but occasionally posts nods to the drama,  recently via an astrological tweet.

Mare uses these unoriginal quips often, leaning on media to articulate her heartfelt truths. Apparently Mormons don’t frown on using astrology to articulate their realities, which is certainly news to me! 

Jackie Overton is no stranger to the law, as reported, Overton was arrested in her home state of Oklahoma on Oct 21, 2015, authorities acted on outstanding warrants for her arrest. Overton’s charges consist of unpaid taxes and driving without a license. 

What do you think is going on behind the bolted doors of the Brown cult-de-sac? Does Mare have a case, and will “Sam’s” story continue to be told, or be stopped in it’s slippery tracks? 


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