‘Sister Wives’ Catfish Lover Releases Book Detailing Alleged Affair With Meri Brown

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Meri-Brown-Catfish and Jackie Overton

Yesterday was a big day for the cast of TLC’s Sister Wives. 

It was the booted matriarch, Meri Brown’s 45th birthday, the new princess of the cul-de-sac was publicly dubbed, and an epic love story was released. Mare’s catfish lover sweetly chose January 16th, to share his tale of broken hearted love, via an alleged e-book. 

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According to “Sam Cooper’s” blog, Almost Meri’d has sold over five thousand copies at $6 a pop. Six months of passionate togetherness, each hawked for a buck apiece.

Sister Wives_Almost Meri'ed for SW

We are waiting to hear reports from readers providing they can actually prove they exist, about the reality of such an e-book, but no matter what, the poetic release date is certainly not lost on me!  “Sam,” aka Jackie Overton, describes the romantic tale, while snarkily wishing “Happy Birthday” to his penned labor of love. 

“I put my whole heart into the book. We all know the ending. It’s a very personal and uplifting story. With a huge twist at the end.”

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a memorial to a dirty affair, marketed by a slimy cat-fishing romeo! 


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