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EXCLUSIVE: Sister Wives Catfish Lover Jackie Overton Arrested! Get Details

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Sister Wives Catfish_Jackie Behibd Bars

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, continues to lay low, weathering the catfish scandal that exposed the TLC star’s affair with online scammer, Jackie Overton. Jackie has been swimming around social media as “Sam Cooper,” but the charade was forced to a screeching halt, for a period of time yesterday.   

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Overton was arrested in her home state of Oklahoma, on Wednesday, authorities finally acted on some outstanding warrants for her arrest.  Interestingly, her mother, Della Jean Overton, was also arrested, and as All About the Tea reported, also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Jackie’s charges consist of minor traffic violations, and Della’s charges include embezzlement, and exploitation of the elderly or disabled by deception or intimidation. Jackie made bond and was released, but as of last night, Della remained in jail. Did Jackie spend her Wednesday evening rolling quarters to bail her mama out? 

Jackie Overton arrest record


Meri Brown remains silent, aside from her weak confession, with a directed hand from TLC likely in the mix. TLC’s alleged modus operandi is to quickly shoot and edit scenes, to cover any unexpected Brown shenanigans, which means the network will probably address the scandal, before the season concludes.

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Will this minor arrest accelerate the mounting public pressure that seeks to  push Jackie Overton into the light of real accountability? Stay tuned.    

UPDATE: Jackie Overton’s Mugshot from this recent arrest.

Jackie Overton Mugshot_Sister Wives

Della Overton’s Mugshot from this recent arrest.

Della Overton Mugshot_Jackie Overton mom_Sister Wives3


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