Meri Brown’s Catfish Scandal Tell-All Summary: Join Us for LIVE ‘Sister Wives’ Chat Tonight

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Meri Sister Wives Tell All

The big kahuna viewers have been waiting for airs tonight, as Sister Wives concludes with a two hour, Tell-All special. “All” will probably be loosely interpreted, and clogged with a bunch of boring drivel, but one storyline  demands answers.  Most are tuning in to watch Meri Brown answer for engaging in a secret affair with a an online catfish, exposing giant holes in her wet bar joy.  Below is a brief synopsis, broken down into ten main points. 

Meri Brown engaged in a secret affair for a six month period, allegedly  occurring from March-August, during the just concluded season’s filming period. 

Meri began the online romance with someone who identified himself as “Samuel Cooper.”  He claims to be 6’6”, a vegan, and an international business tycoon.  “Sam” only offers a partial face shot, and the photo is unidentifiable. He is linked to a woman by the name of “Lindsay Jackson.” 

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“Samuel’s” identity has been tagged to a scammer by the name of Jacquelyn Overton.  Overton lives in Oklahoma, and has allegedly snookered a long list of victims.  “Lindsay” is another of Overton’s fake personas.

All About the Tea broke the catfish story, and began to follow and report on the complicated drama, as the season unfolded.  “Sam” began to tell “his” side of the bizarre affair via his blog, and gradually released  incriminating evidence, exposing  Meri as a Mormon cheater.  Overton is a liar, but much of the evidence appears solid.

Meri and “Sam” carried on an online friendship that almost instantly escalated to a fiery love relationship. They tweeted publicly, exchanged private messages, and spoke on the phone regularly.  Meri withdrew from the family, and her filmed demeanor was obviously sullen and distracted.

Discover how we learned that the relationship was indeed turning romantic, between Meri and “Sam”

Meanwhile, the Brown clan’s reality was absorbed in the adoption of Robyn’s children, and the announcement of Robyn’s pregnancy.  Meri’s weak enthusiasm looked forced, as she dragged through her filming duties, skittering away whenever she could escape. She even cosigned a timely tweet, labeling the adoption victory as “an underhanded trick.”

“Sam” releases likely doctored text messages, but the almost 200 exposed voicemails are believed to be authentic. Meri is heard begging for “Sam’s” attention, and expressing her undying, passionate love.  It is assumed that TLC and the Browns had begun to scramble, in order to edit the scandal into the season.  Online social media players joined in, offering “Sam” other  outlets to spill his tale of woe.  Public curiosity was heightened, and online opinions raged, exposing the common belief that Robyn was somehow involved in the mess.

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It was discovered that Meri spent time with “Lindsay,” but never actually met “Sam.” “Sam” asserts a sexual relationship, and Meri admits to some form of “intimacy.” The exact nature of any physical reality remains the million dollar question. Meri later claims that an actor’s photo was sent, to convince her that “Sam” was male. “Sam” gradually releases convincing and provocative photos, upping the visual evidence that the relationship was somehow sexual.  Voicemails reveal that Meri was “taking steps” away from Kody, and toward “Sam.”

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Meri spills to the family on-camera, that she is unhappy and needs a change. The affair was going on until the end of the filming season, and most believe that Meri was planning to take off with slippery “Sam.” The couple breaks up in Aug/Sept, and Meri allegedly comes clean to Robyn, then to the rest of the family. Sometime during this period, Meri discovers her lover’s true feminine identity. 

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Meri now claims to have been a sociopath’s target, verbally abused, and threatened. “Sam” denies her accusations, and continues to use his blog and Twitter to cry foul, and dish inside dirt about the affair, and the Browns. It appears likely that Meri spilled family secrets to either “Sam,” “Lindsay,” or both. 

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The catfish story glaringly exposed the true naive and emotionally weak nature of subservient women, living within plural marriage. The Browns’ ongoing court crusade to legalize polygamy is dealt a harsh blow. The Browns’ joyous facade is blown to smithereens, and the cult-de-sac may never be the same.   

To send this scandal off with a bang, we are hosting another LIVE CHAT tonight, starting at 8pm ET. 

Invite your pals, and take your power naps, because this blowout should be a doozy! 


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