‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Baby Gender Reveal Battles For Spotlight with Meri Brown’s Catfish Romance Scandal

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Sister Wives_Meri and Robyn

Sister Wives rolls on tonight, with TLC at last approaching the scandal that has been rocking Meri Brown’s reality for months now. The harem travels to Alaska, and while viewers are tuning in to see Mare crank out her fugly cry, TLC has been hyping the reveal of Kody’s 18th child for months now. 

Tonight’s storyline showdown is real, with Robyn and Meri inadvertently back in competition, for the TLC spotlight. Who will score the camera time? Will it be the legal, knocked-up wife who is willing to shove the other three out of the picture, or the discarded partner, who wants to hide behind her wet bar, after been publicly exposed and humiliated? 

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TLC has been promoting Robyn’s pregnancy ad nauseam, for months. TLC’s  Sister Wives Facebook page has been droning on and on about Robyn’s new Kody-bun in the oven. Baby #18’s development was compared to a mango, an artichoke, a carrot, and in a hilarious poetic twist, a banana. The whole season has revolved around Robyn’s children…either the three adoptions, the banana-baby, or Kody’s darling, King Sol, in his curious batman t-shirts. 

Sister Wives kids

Disturbing details have sprinkled the narrative, including parental disconnection, creepy revisionist portraits, and hypocritical, monogamous affection.  Fans overwhelmingly dislike Robyn, and many believe her to be manipulative and domineering. Tonight we find out the sex of her baby!  Yawn.

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What America really wants to see, is how TLC will tackle the revelation that Meri Brown was taken in and wooed by a Catfish Casanova, and later shockingly exposed, by her own recorded words. The cringe-worthy evidence is available to anyone who has the patience to sit through needy, gushing proclamations of passionate forever-love, and the revealed details surrounding the romance, are jaw-dropping. We know that TLC has a history of wonky editing, and always cooperates with their cash cow, the  unpredictably shady Browns. Last season it was the divorce whammy, this year the catfish are biting, so how will TLC portray the stinky mess? Probable weeks of strategizing damage-control, filming and editing are finally about to hit the airwaves. The Browns are in the middle of a polygamy crusade, and the financial stakes are high to sell believable family unity. Will the network tactic resemble honest disclosure,  or a contrived game plan?  You make the decision, but I plan to watch with a raised eyebrow. 

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So which storyline will win tonight? Does anyone out there really care if Kody’s 18th, and Robyn’s 5th is a boy or a girl? The babe is just another sucker to throw on the heap of Brown offspring, whom we all hope will one day see the light, and run like the wind.  While viewers see #18, Robyn likely views this child as her precious second, with a man she fantasizes had spawned her oldest three. 

The Sister Wives call themselves one big family, but we all know that such rhetoric is deceptive. TLC should give the viewers what they have been waiting weeks for…the real fishy dirt.  I don’t have high hopes, but am trying to stay optimistic, hoping that the real tea will spill between the lines, as TLC begins to unfold a tale that carries the potential to crash and burn the Brown facade.  Will we have to wait for the supposed  dramatic season finale, to allow TLC freedom to spin and run? In an ironic twist, with Robyn’s due date slated for January 7th, the timing of the latest bundle’s conception collides with the period that marks Mare’s romantic beginning with “Sam Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton. Who could forget Kody and Robyn’s on-camera, googly-eyed agreement to hit it for #18?  I think it’s safe to say that Kody was busy elsewhere, and Mare was ready to mingle. How do you think TLC will approach the scandal? 

Below is a preview clip of tonight’s episode.


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