Melody Holt Blasts Marsau Scott For Blindsiding Her

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Melody Holt

Melody Holt Blasts Marsau Scott For Blindsiding Her

Love & Marriage: Huntsville star, Melody Holt, wasn’t too happy when her costar, Marsau Scott, blindsided her with a meeting to discuss the recent drama surrounding her mom, Miss Vanessa, and Marsau’s brother, Mark.

LaTisha Scott

LAMH fans know that Miss Vanessa became entangled in Melody and LaTisha Scott’s drama when LaTisha confronted Melody about the ladies talking crap about her at Melody’s slumber party while wearing one of Melody’s “Team Wife” shirts. Like many fans, Miss Vanessa saw LaTisha’s move as a diss to her daughter, so she took to Instagram, urging fans to support Melody’s shirts. 

LaTisha’s husband, Marsau, entered the drama by posting a photo of two coke bottles with labels that read, Mark Scott and Vanessa Scott. Around this time, rumors had been swirling that Mark and Miss Vanessa had an intimate relationship. Marsau egged on the rumors by alleging that Miss Vanessa not only dated Mark but even paid his child support.

The Blaque owner also made accusations that there is a sex tape of the couple. However, Miss Vanessa consistently denied all claims. Mark took Miss Vanessa’s denial as a jab and clapped back numerous times on social media. 

In the current season, Melody, Martell Holt, LaTisha, Marsau, Kimmi Scott, and Maurice Scott sat down to discuss Mark’s behavior on social media. The original six all agreed to keep their family members out of the feuds and to stop lashing out on social media. Marsau and Maurice agreed to talk to their brother. But when they met with Mark, he doubled down on his feelings for Miss Vanessa and said he has no remorse because he was simply “defending” himself. 

Marsau Scott

In the last episode, Marsau revealed to LaTisha that he invited Melody to their lounge to give her an update on his meeting with Mark. Marsau wanted to let Melody know that he held up his end of the bargain to attempt to get through to his brother. However, LaTisha was pissed, finding it “disrespectful” that Marsau would invite Melody without consulting with her first. LaTisha stormed off moments before Melody showed up for the meeting.

Turns out, LaTisha wasn’t the only person blindsided by Marsau

Melody sat across from Marsau who began explaining his reason for the meeting. As he’s bringing up his and Maurice’s meeting with Mark, Melody asks, “So this conversation that you had, was there anything said about me?”

Marsau explains that the brothers spoke about Mark’s relationship with Miss Vanessa, but Melody shuts him down. “That has nothing to do with me. I want to talk about me … that I may want to respond to. That has nothing to do with me,” she snapped.

In a confessional, Melody reveals that Marsau never told her what the meeting was about and that she was caught off guard. 

“If I had known beforehand what the subject matter of this meeting was going to be, I wouldn’t have shown up,” Melody insisted. She added, “I really wish he would have respected me enough to at least tell me what the purpose was so I could have politely declined over the phone.”

Shereé Whitfield

Earlier this week, Miss Vanessa came to her daughter’s defense after fans compared Melody to Martell’s new beau, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Shereé Whitfield. In the same episode, Kimmi excitedly tells Martell that she wants to meet his new love interest. Well, her hubby Maurice, took to Instagram to share that Kimmi’s wish came true.

Maurice posted a reel of Shereé hanging out with Kimmi and a few others. His and Marsau’s other brother, Micah, took to the comment section and added laughing emojis with the hashtag, “#NewMEL.” But Maurice didn’t take to the joke and responded, “Nah she’s herself, stop with the B.S!”

Melody Shari

Miss Vanessa took to her Instagram Stories to clap back to the comparison. She posted a photo of Melody with the caption, “Never duplicated! These males 😂😂😂  @MelodySHolt.” 


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