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Thomas Girardi Accused of STAGING Nursing Home Visit ‘Scripted Photo Op’ Amid Embezzlement Charges!

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Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne’s husband, Thomas Girardi, is being accused of staging a recent nursing home visit by the lawyer investigating the couple for embezzlement.

Tom Girardi

According to the investigating attorney, the recent photos of Thomas Girardi touring the grounds of a nursing home published by the Daily Mail are nothing more than a ‘scripted photo op’ orchestrated to deflect from his massive legal woes. 

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Erika Jayne

In the photos, Thomas Girardi appeared scruffy in an oversized purple sweater, as he strolled the facility with a male assistant.

As All About The Tea readers know, attorney Ronald Richards is currently investigating Erika Jayne’s involvement in helping her husband steal his former client’s money. Numerous federal lawsuits have been filed against Thomas Girardi and his former law firm. The couple was accused of embezzling funds designated to families of victims of a plane crash shortly after Erika announced that she was splitting from her husband, in November 2020.

Tom Girardi

Attorney Ronald Richards believes the photos were staged because the 82-year-old did not have any bags with him.

He tweeted, “No bags, scripted photo opp., “exclusive” story, no notice, something isn’t adding up. We should have an update by tomorrow. #girardifraud Stay tuned…”

Erika Jayne

Girardi will soon be evicted from his 10,277 sq. ft. mansion worth an estimated $10 million — as the property is on the auction block.

Erika Jayne and Thomas Girardi

Richards has been investigating a $20 million transfer from the fallen lawyer to Erica’s company, in recent months. The attorney was granted authorization to interrogate the Bravo star’s divorce lawyers, business manager, and landlord, as part of the investigation. Tom has been accused of transferring the funds in order to hide money from creditors seeking to recover what is owed to them.


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