Love After Lockup’s Tracie Wagaman Died Of An ‘Accidental Meth Overdose’ Just One Week After Giving Birth, Coroner Confirms!

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Love After Lockup personalty, Tracie Wagaman, died of an “accidental meth overdose” according to a report by The Sun. The Las Vegas Coroner’s Office told the outlet that Tracie’s official cause of death is methamphetamine toxicity. The coroner’s date and time of death is July 1 at 10:54 pm. 

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Tracie died of the accidental overdose only one week after welcoming her second child, a baby girl. The former WeTV star, who had been open about her struggle with drug addiction, was also mom to a four-year-old son, named Isaac. 

Tracie Wagaman

Tracie’s friend and former manager, Lily Red, confirmed that the reality star had passed away on July 1.

“I just wanted to confirm — I have some sad news about Tracie,Lily announced via an Instagram video. “Unfortunately, Tracie passed away on July 1. I’m not going to release more details at this time. I just hope that we are praying for her family. I don’t know what else to say…Keep her family in your prayers.”

Tracie’s brother, Mark Wagaman, previously explained that their family had tried to help her maintain sobriety over the years. 

“She’s had a habit for quite a while, half her life,” Mark told The Sun. “It’s been 20 years on and off. She had a history of jail and prison. When you get out you go back to it. We’ve tried to help her.” 

Tracie Wagaman

He shared that he and his sister were not speaking at the time of her death, and hadn’t communicated for a year. 

“She was my sister, I still loved her,” Mark added. 

He revealed that the police contacted him to tell him about his sister. 

“They told me she passed away the night before in Las Vegas. I was the first person contacted,” he said. “I let my mom know. She’s handling it as a mom should. We have so many questions we need answered.”

Mark encouraged fans to not “speculate” about Tracie’s cause of death. He later shared the news confirmed by police and the coroner with YouTube channel, Sharrell’s World. He also launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for Tracie’s funeral, setting a goal of $5000. 

“Our family is deeply saddened with our loss. We know she had many friends and followers who were pulling for her,” the GoFundMe page read.

Tracie Wagaman

“She had a heart of gold. I had some medical issues a few years back and wasn’t able to work. She gave me $500 so I could catch up on bills. If you had the chance to meet her I guarantee she would consider you a friend. She was such a people person.”

“We would like to use the money to pay for her funeral. If additional money is raised we will put a portion of it in a savings account for her son and if at all possible her daughter. We want to donate the remainder of the money to a domestic violence organization that will be named later.”

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