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Tamar Braxton EXPOSES Woman Beater Ex David Adefeso & He Claps Back!

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Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton recently dared her ex David Adefeso to release video that shows her attacking him in his car, but he’s saying he can’t — ’cause Tamar destroyed the camera during their domestic violence incident. 

Tamar Braxton recently appeared on The Tamron Hall Show where she challenged her ex to release the video footage David Adefeso claims he had of Tamar assaulting him during a violent car ride in August.

David Adefeso responded to TMZ “for him to show his cards as far as evidence is moot — because she knows damn well she destroyed his camera, ensuring there’s no video evidence.”

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Additionally, David’s dash-cam only captured exterior front and back views from the car —. it didn’t record anything inside the vehicle, something we’re told Tamar would know if she had just asked before jumping to conclusions and acting hastily.

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According to David Adefeso’s team he’s incurred $7,500 in damages caused in the violent episode this past August.

David Adefeso got a protection order in September — citing Tamar punched him in the throat while he was driving — nearly resulting in a car crash. David also alleges she’s threatened violence on him via goons from her ex-husband. A judge granted the TRO.

Press play below to watch Tamar Braxton on The Tamron Hall Show.

David Adefeso is dismissing Tamar’s emotions on Tamron’s show as crocodile tears. One last thing, the rep claims reality star Malika Haqq saw this whole thing go down, but has refused to cooperate with cops whatsoever. 


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