‘RHOP’ RECAP: Candiace Dillard Has Been Plotting Behind Monique Samuels’ Back!

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Candiace Dillard

Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac — the one where all hell breaks loose at a dinner party that was meant to relax new mother, Ashley Darby.

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac opens with the Grand Dame, Karen Huger, getting worn out by her personal trainer and then putting Ray on blast for refusing to tell her he loves her. Trouble in paradise, eh?

Karen Huger

Across town, Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels meet for lunch and cocktails. In a surprising turn of events, the pair set aside their differences, even if only temporarily, in order to plan a post-baby dinner aka “Coming out the house” party for new Mama Ashley. According to Monique, it’s time Gizelle finally stops acting like a “bottom behind trick.” Mental note to google what that actually means later…

Monique Samuels

Monique Samuels also casually mentions that they might need to remove all utensils from the table if they invite all of the ladies — ahem, Candiace Dillard. Gizelle reminds Monique that Candiace is her buddy and it’s up to her to keep her in line. The subject of Charisse Jordan Jackson attending Candiace’s anniversary party rears its ugly head. In a talking head interview, Gizelle divulges that the word on the street is that Monique and her trainer got a little too close and were seen out in public canoodling on several occasions, and eventually it all got back to Monique’s husband. The kicker however is that Charisse was telling everyone all about it. Hence the new drama between Monique and Charisse.

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Meanwhile, Ashley Darby is being paid a visit by her personal lactation consultant, Amber, as they have standing dates once a month. Ashley admits that her breastfeeding journey has been anything but easy but she’s resolved to keep with it. Her mother stops by and together her mother and the lactation consultant encourage Ashley that it’s important she try to start leaving the house a bit more.

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We finally learn more about the new housewife, Dr. Wendy Osefo, when she has lunch with Candiace. On top of being educated, career-driven, and beautiful, she also apparently holds a record for the fastest delivery ever. And still somehow managed to walk out of the hospital flipping her hair with one hand while toting her newborn in the other. The proof is in her Instagram video. While on the subject of giving birth, Candiace admits she thinks she’s ready to become a mom. Later in her talking head, however, she admits that she’s afraid of making some of the same mistakes her mother made with her. Maybe Candiace should write, “I will not hit my child over the head with my purse,” on her bathroom mirror 1200 times.

Wendy Osefo

Wendy gives Candiace great advice when she says that the decision to have children is a big one and that Candiace should not do it for anyone else but herself. AKA not because you hate Ashley and simply want to one-up her, OKAY CANDIACE?!

Candiace Dillard and Wendy discuss the one-year anniversary party and Wendy gives her first impressions of all of the other women. According to Wendy, she’s met Karen several times but each time Karen pretends they’ve never met before. And yet, that tracks for typical Grand Dame Karen behavior.

Candiace Dillard

Karen and Candiace meet for drinks and are taken aback when they receive a joint invitation for Ashley’s dinner by both Gizelle and Monique. Candiace vows that she wants to move forward with Ashley and start fresh with a new understanding of each other. Famous last words…

On the day of the said dinner party, Ashley tries to finagle her way out of the party and even offers to wear the baby during dinner but Monique holds firm. Ashley does make it clear that if Candiace talks any type of way to her that she will have to address it. She also says she’s ready to hear an apology but I think we all know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening.

Cut to Gizelle and Juan meeting at a restaurant. Gizelle has zero idea of why Juan wants to meet with her but he quickly gets to the point. it turns out that all that nagging Robyn Dixon did last episode worked as he discloses his plans to put a ring on it… for the second time. He also wants Gizelle to help him pick out a ring. My guess is that he quickly begins to regret that decision once she tells him that the new ring should be double the size of the first one. Sheesh.

Juan Dixon

Back in Dillard Bassett Lala land, Candiace comes downstairs and informs her husband that she “just peed on a stick.” Spoiler alert: she’s not pregnant. She then reveals that a tiny part of her was disappointed that the test was negative. Her husband Chris said he’s ready to have a baby whenever she is and that ultimately they are waiting on her. He then matter of factly says he wasn’t too worried about her being pregnant because they haven’t been engaging in any activity that would warrant pregnancy. Anyone else remember when Candiace accused Ashley of not really wanting to get pregnant? Helloooo pot. Allow me to introduce you to kettle.

Later that evening everyone arrives at the restaurant, even Ashley… sans baby Dean. Candiace and Wendy show up last and all appears well when Ashley and Candiace share a warm hug. Ashley then thanks everyone for coming before sharing wayyy too much information about having to have either surgery or botox on a particular area where the sun doesn’t shine.

Things get even worse, however, when Ashley asks about the “diamonds and denim” party and Monique explains it was great… when she wasn’t dodging a warthog AKA walrus AKA Charisse that is. Candiace immediately pipes up and says she had no idea that Monique and Charisse had so much beef. It’s clear though that Monique’s not buying it.

Candiace Dillard

Gizelle then gives a long-winded speech in which she tries to “set the tone at the table” and insinuates that Candiace owes Ashley an apology. Instead of apologizing for reading Ashley for filth as she lay in the hospital giving birth Candiace says that they simply need to agree to disagree and that she’s happy to have a one-on-one conversation at a later date and time. Definitely not the apology Ashley was looking for.

Ashley Darby

The episode wraps with Candiace telling everyone to “shut the F up” before signing off with a big fat, “F all of ya.” Well, that went well. Cheers to Ashley’s first night out of the house and her initiation back into the chaos that is Real Housewives of Potomac. Tune in next week as the drama continues.


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