‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis’ Slave Owner Relative John C. Calhoun’s Statue Removed In Charleston!

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Kathryn Dennis

The statue of John C. Calhoun, ancestor of Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis, has been removed by the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Kathryn is related to Calhoun as a direct descendant on her mother’s side. 

Calhoun served as vice president to John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, and owned dozens of slaves. He believed that slavery was a “positive good” that benefited both slaves and owners, not a “necessary evil.”

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Charleston officials voted on Tuesday to remove the statue from the downtown square, later confirming that the statue would be displayed at “an appropriate site where it will be protected and preserved.” 

“We have a sense of unity moving forward for racial conciliation and for unity in this city. God bless you all,” the city’s mayor commented after the unanimous vote. 

The statue came down in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the removal drawing several hundred spectators.   

The cast of Southern Charm has not escaped accusations of racism in recent days. Kathryn Dennis was put on blast after radio host, Mika Gadsden exposed a monkey emoji embellished text message, sent by the triggered reality star. Patricia Altschul was recently called out for decorating her home with “negrobilia” and owning the bed brutal slave owner, Robert E. Lee, was birth in.

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The upcoming season of Southern Charm is expected to premiere in late 2020. 


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