‘Southern Charm’ Monkey Business: Patricia Altschul’s Negrobilia & Racist Monkey Collection Exposed! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Patricia Altschul

Southern Charm fans have been invited into Patricia Altschul’s home many times — but might not know that her home showcases some not-so-charming nods to the old South.  

Patricia Altschul treasures deserve a closer look — and in light of the nationwide racial unrest — the Charleston matriarch deserves a hard side-eye. 

Local sources are speaking out about Patricia Altschul’s ornate furnishings — which sometimes reflect a questionable theme. 

It’s been noted by several eyewitnesses that Patricia Altschul owns the actual bed in which Robert E. Lee was born, and has a lock of the Confederate general’s hair. 

Who was Robert E. Lee?

Robert E. Lee was a confederate army general in the Civil War and a very cruel slave owner. He married into one of the wealthiest slave-holding families in Virginia — the Custis family of Arlington and descendants of Martha Washington. When Lee’s father-in-law died, he took leave from the U.S. Army to run the struggling estate and met resistance from slaves expecting to be freed.

Patricia AltschulRobert E. Lee

Documents show Robert E. Lee was a cruel figure with his slaves and encouraged his overseers to severely beat slaves captured after trying to escape. One slave said Lee was one of the meanest men she had ever met.

In a 1856 letter, Lee wrote that slavery is “a moral & political evil.” But Lee also wrote in the same letter that God would be the one responsible for emancipation and blacks were better off in the U.S. than Africa.

A ROCK solid Charleston source revealed to AllAboutTheTEA.com, “I’m sure you’re aware of Patricia’s “negrobilia.” Whitney’s always sure to point out these miniature black lawn jockeys. You know she stole from one of her ex husband’s the bed Robert E. Lee was born in and also has a lock of the same general’s hair. Then there’s that oil painting of a monkey in a dress prominently displayed in her house. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then hell, she’s racist as f**k!”

Below is a photo of the monkey oil painting in Patricia Altschul’s bedroom.

Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul regularly flaunts her southern pride on Instagram — and has even popped a pose in the actual bonnet worn by Vivian Leigh, in “Gone with the Wind.” Commentators have denounced “Gone with the Wind” for its rosy depiction of slavery before the Civil War, while downplaying its horrors.

Patricia AltschulVivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and Hattie McDaniel as Mammy in “Gone With the Wind.”

This week, the online streaming service provider HBO Max announced it had temporarily removed from its collection the 1939 movie ‘Gone with the Wind’, over what it described were “racist depictions”.

Patricia Altschul

Below Patricia Altschul proudly shared a Christmas wreath made with cotton — a homage to the days of slavery when African-Americans were forced to pick cotton for their slave masters. The cringeworthy decor is a reminder of a horrific time in American history.

Patricia Altschul

A local snitch pointed to Patricia Altschul’s fondness for “negrobilia” — collectibles that portray stereotypes of black people — and raised an eyebrow at Patricia’s penchant for monkey themed art.  

What is Negrobilia?

Negrobilia is a word that combines negro and memorabilia. Negrobilia is collectibles relating to stereotypes of black people.

Whitney [Sudler Smith] is always sure to point out those miniature, black lawn jockeys,” our source recalled, about Patricia’s son. 

Patricia boasts some unusual art pieces, created by American artist, Donald Roller Wilson. 

Patricia Altschul

Will fans view Patricia Altschul in a new light, when Southern Charm returns? 

The show’s return date has not been announced.  


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