‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Chose Robyn’s House To Self-Isolate Amid Coronavirus Pandemic!

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown dreams of having all four wives under one roof — and that his fantasy plan was laid out on the current season of the TLC show.

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The wives currently live in four separate Flagstaff  homes — but as America weathers the Coronavirus shutdown — many are wondering which wife is stuck in isolation with the polygamous patriarch.


Sister Wives: Is Kody Staying With Meri Brown?

It will surprise few to learn that there’s no evidence on Meri Brown’s social media to indicate that she’s hanging out with her once legal hubby. Meri Brown posted a timely message addressing her LulaRoe fans. 

Sister Wives


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Sister Wives: Is Kody Staying With Janelle Brown?

There hasn’t been a Kody Brown sighting on Janelle Brown’s Instagram page since December, 2019. She did share about a local popcorn deal offered by a closed Flagstaff movie theater. 

Sister Wives


Sister Wives: Is Kody At Christine Brown’s House?

Christine Brown was the only wife who gave Kody Brown a recent shout-out, posting a couple snap to mark the duo’s 26th anniversary.

Sister Wives


On Thursday, Christine Brown posted a cute video featuring her thespian daughter, Truely. Kody is a supporting player — via a family portrait in the background. 



Christine Brown has been passing her time at home with kiddos — but did not hint that Kody was a part of the party. 

Sister Wives

Sister Wives


Sister Wives: Kody May Be Staying With Robyn Brown?

Most viewers believe that Kody Brown’s only legal wife, Robyn Brown, is at the top of his list, and that he largely resides in their freshly purchased $900k house. Robyn regularly weighs in on the episodes, but hasn’t shared any isolation photos with Kody, or anyone else.

Robyn Brown did address the coronavirus shutdown by sharing a TLC link with the sentiment — “From our family to yours, we wish you love, hope, and a little TLC. #StayHome.”

Kody Brown shared the same video below. Press play to watch. 

We have a winner! Or a loser? 

Watch Sister Wives, Sunday night at 10 pm, ET, on TLC. 


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